Have you had a drink or meal yet under the new rules as yet?

no, but i have eaten in restaurants, drunk in bars with table service and worn a mask

I will tomorrow night... ...the last time I was there I spoke with the waitresses about masks and they didn't want to wear them. They will probably all be as miserable as fuck.

I was in the airport lounge last Friday. V amusing exchange between the non masked service woman demanding the bloke ordering wore a mask.

her: you need a mask to order!

him: you don’t have one

her: I have a screen!

him: so do I then

her: threats and mutterings about being recorded 

Yup, today.  Twas fine (although it's all generally a bit useless science wise). 

They're getting a lot hotter on track and trace though, including watching you log in via QR code.  

The servers in my local bar have had masks on for a few weeks now, so no real change for the staff.

I may be going to something at a restaurant on Saturday that involves two tables of six people next to each other where all the people on those tables might know each other.

Yeah all fine. Went to the gym, had to use the NHS app to check in (there was a queue of people downloading it but I already had it so strolled in), then used the same app to check into a pub for a couple and then the same app for a restaurant for lunch. Much easier than the old days of multiple sign ins. Didn't wear a mask to go to the toilet but the servers were wearing them.

No, but I went for a last late night at the pub yesterday and am definitely suffering for it today

under the more or less equivalent rules here, yes, and will be tomorrow too

ain't no ting

Don't the new rules and closing time come in tomorrow; i.e. isn't today the last day under the old rules?  Could be wrong on that but thought that was the case.

Having to be serious about track and trace/QR codes as Pingu says aside from the 10pm finish will I guess be the main change.  Has been hit and miss with the pubs I've been in since 4th July the extent to which they have been taking phone numbers/scanning QR codes in my experience.  Any not doing that now are likely are think to be the ones police/govt will target

When you head into my local there's an initial corridor with then a bar on the left and a dining room on the right.  They've set up their little reception in the bar to the left but if you head right you avoid it but still end up in the same place as the bar and dining room have connecting doors.  They'll have to think about that.

Sails be a bit careful re inter table chat or you will be chucked out - restaurants can’t afford to take risk

Guy I suspect the restaurant has already decided to take the risk as one person has organised it all...

Bolted a bottle of Magners at the Crazy Golf on Tuesday. Does that count? Not sure. 

Then had a pint in the pub with m8s.

I went to the Pub, the two adjoinig doors, you have to enter in one on entry, and the other are exit. Then you HAVE to sanaitise . They are very forceful in getting you to scan your phone, I declined and filled in the form, and was looked at closely whilst doing it.

3/4 of the front of the pub are for App/card only customers , and there were 20 or so in situ. You have to sit and can only order by the app. You are shown to your table, no standing

The last quarter is for cash customers. Mainly populated by people who refused to download the app for security reasons. This small section was rammed , and tables were unavailable so one had to wait outside until there was a spare table.


Both parts were table staff only, and the staff clearly hated it , because they were running about ( only one of them) taking cash and orders , and then delivering to tables. So many pissed off customers angry they couldn't sit in the near empty bit at the front. Many left

Scottish Uni students told they must not go to pubs , bars and restaurants, that will bankrupt the SU.

On the pub point the manager was saying " full staff, people leaving, slow table service, our takings will fall massively . I thought this was for 2 weeks, apparently it is for 6 months, is that correct?

Ate out today, and again this evening. It was fine, but then I’m not a snowflake.

I heartily disagree with the measures, FTAOD.

Went out for lunch on Tuesday - hadn’t prebooked and once there no requirement to leave details. 

went out for coffee on Wednesday - as above.

Went out for brunch today - had to leave details and was reminded about mask wearing to enter the premises but then they said not to worry about it. 

I drink more with table service because I don’t waste time queuing and avoiding going to faff in the queue by eking our the last mouthfuls.

Am doing it now. Overheard the hostess telling someone that last order is 9:15.

Is there any science in relation to maybe walking to your table two steps away having to wear a mask , and then being able to take it off once sat down ?

i thought people were t prone to infection unless they had been exposed for 15 minutes plus ? I just don’t get the rationale behind it 

Bloody hell the police are actually outside the pub in a van with 5 officers , I imagine ensuring the pub is closed and people leave on time .

Surely Tim Martin has paid off plod to leave the spoons alone. 

I chuckle that the man who berates me for going to crap pubs only goes to ‘Spoons and Youngs.

Why bother? They’ve basically turned it into come here to eat/drink rather than enjoy an atmosphere/occasion. Ideally you leave dreary life at the door, but everyone is going around with a reminder of it on their face. 

Yep, last night.  Have to say table service in the pub is really convenient - a bit too convenient, no gap between drinks waiting at the bar

We were out last night, it's fine although I'd like the eastern european staff to take down their zealotism by about 30 ticks. Yes, I know I have to put my mask on to go piss, thanks for grabbing my arm asshole as I stand up with mask in hand.


Banana is definitely a glass half empty man.  I'm really looking forward to dinner tomorrow night as will be with good friends eating good food that isn't one of the usual selection of things that we eat at home week after week.

Worst part is everyone spilling out at 10pm onto the street at once, drunk and rowdy.

Warren I have that problem.  Instead of finishing a pint then going to the loo before wandering to the bar and waiting for a bit I'm ordering the next pint when the current one is half empty.  As result I end up downing the final bit of the current pint when the next one arrives.

I will certainlt think twice before going out to dinner anywhere with poor service, likelihood of not being able to finish in time.

Was in the pub last night, it was fine. By far the busiest its been on a Thursday since before the first lockdown weirdly, maybe because the weather has turned. Table service is genuinely good imo

Its a concern Sails, went for a quick pint after work  with colleague, usually would drink max three pints - before I knew it she'd necked 2 large one small wine and me 4 1/2 pints.

The bars might be into something here, predict it might be something they stick with when we're back to normal 

Also where you'd normally have a debate about getting another round someone appears at the table and asks and you make an instant decision which is almost always "yes I'll have another".

Dinner last night was interesting, place packed out at 7pm.

unfortuntely the place we went to turned out to be massive vu fanny, was like July all over again, seated two of us on massive table for six, completely unlaid, tiny paper sachets instead of a pepper mill etc

anyway, the main annoyance about the new restriction was having to wear a mask coming back from the loo, ladies, dont bother putting lipstick on

and i have maskne this morning

I just don’t get the rationale of having to wear a mask to and from your table when it might be as few as 2 steps ?

There is none

It's fucking stupid

But "everyone else is"


We went for dinner.

masks on entry and toilet and staff in visors but aside from that was lovely 

Have noticed major increase round here of people wearing masks in the street and the woods

Been operating like that for the last few months. Everyone seems to be getting on with it. Certainly not stopping eating and drinking.

running an event at the weekend and capacity has been reduced from about 1000 to 450 but tbh I fear a sudden rule change and the whole thing being closed down as rumors abound of an imminent lick down.

In the pub waiting for my friend, had the argument that I wouldn’t scan in on the app and would only use their secondary method of collection as I couldn’t get the app on my phone even if I wanted to


I am at the table with a pint, filled in the paper method for collection, and no NHS app

Table service is ace. The only good thing to come out of this shit show. 

Qr code thing was on the door but we didn’t engage with it. They have our details from the reservation 

glad you went out and had a good time OB.

table service is great at my age. as younger man lost count of the pulls from being at the bar...Still tinder probably balances that out?

I refuse to scan my phone although the staff will try to insist on it .

at night they have security whose sole job it seems is to make sure app is on the phone , sometimes the more officious ones ask to see. They normally do this for the teenagers. I refuse and fill in the piece of paper.

Also the pub thing is a right hassle, one area for those paying cash , one for paying with cards and one paying with the app.

you wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve heard say “ no I’m not downloading the app I don’t trust it I’ve been scammed before “ or something similar . 
the bar staff hate the new regime , ironically the cash section is the busiest .

Actually that’s a very good point. How is anyone supposed to pull anymore?

I think any kind of pulling is going to be near impossibly with social distancing rules unfortunately 

The pubs and restaurants have been rammed the last week when the story broke about new restrictions, I suspect people expect a lock down soon , sending students back to uni and asking them to stay in a bubble of 6 , socially distance and not go to bars was never going to happen. It’s time to let it rip everything they’ve done has failed 

Thanks Roger, we really did. So much so we are going back to the same restaurant with friends on Tuesday. 

currently getting my pedi / brows done. Am so on top of all my skirtings these days when it can all go at the drop of a hat 

where we went they took your temo and you had to write your name and dets in a book together with the temp reading!

Had to ask for bar snacks

food all came plated up instead of loads of dishes they usually serve but which we usually ask them ti just leave on the table

even the lemon for smoked salmon was tiny little slivers instead of the former half lemon in muslin and served already with onion and capers thus contaminating the salmon with onion for the non-onion eaters

i think its not just the vu fannying, they must be feeling the pinch.

another resto we like but with shaky service (so we wont be trying again) has put out a pleading email saying come at 9 pm and you can have desssert as a take away. No, ta. They are clearly trying to maintain 2 sittings, 7 and 9.

Went out for lunch to my fave local cafe today - QR code stuck to the door, I ignored as I was navigating a fuck off double buggy. Once inside, no details requested or given.

wore a mask in through the door and took it off fairly quickly. Didn’t wear it again and that included in the kiddy play section at the back. Had a chat with other parents, none wearing masks and all the kids played together. Went up to the counter and ordered food. I love North London - life goes on as normal. 

I think I might know that cafe if ur local loops. Is lovely 

Worked out fine in our local. Everyone would like it to be different but no need to call a waaaaahmbulance.

Yeah just back from my local. Everyone getting on with it. No speshul snowflakes. No-one thinking they are entitled to do their own thing because reasons.