Have you ever seen your full medical records & notes?

Well firstly what a bloody pain in getting them , for reasons I shall not bore you with they took 3 months to arrive , and they were all in electronic form , so no George Lloyd notes to scan .

And also Christ , talk about dark misguided insinuation of stuff . “X arrived and presented as being unkempt, he I think is not looking after himself” what fucking relevance is that , I had pneumonia FFS

pneumonia is not an excuse for red wine on your shirt and a vague smell of poo, m8

Yes I have and they don't say anything like that - it's all 'this pleasant young woman'

this is quite an insight into you m7

Despite 2 pregnancies and one serious spinal injury my GP records are very thin, even including photocopies of the Lloyd George notes. If I go to the GP once a year it's a lot 

Hoolie , you just cannot help yourself , why are you almost universally aggressive , nasty, spiteful and acerbic for no reason . 

it must be bloody exhausting.

Hoolie how is it an insight to me? It was one entry among hundreds?

”it’s All this pleasant young woman “ all of it , yeah , lol!😂

R u ok ebitda? I’ve also seen my notes and they don’t contain anything like that, and I’ve had a couple of serious emergency admissions 


Toronto I have had dozens of emergency admissions and been extremely close to death on probably 3 occasions at least.

i was in A&E 3 days ago

Is heff's post in invisible ink?

what reaction did you expect to get?

Yeah I've got my full notes and there's nothing like that. There are some comments about concern for someone's welfare but I was making a report about someone else. 

 was in A&E 3 days ago

yet you were in the pub yesterday. It must be hard work being such a fantasist.

Heh.. Hoolie should change her username to This Pleasant Young Woman just to wind you up forever after.

They shouldn't make judgements like that about adults unless it's a psychiatric or welfare case

Really fucks me off

I've not seen mine but I am sure it would enrage me

Sometimes wonder about being one of those people who deregisters from the GP just so they burn the notes after 20 years or whatever

I've seen them a couple of times. When I moved to the US I carried them there by hand rather than risk the muppets at my GP surgery messing up posting them to the US. Did the same when I returned.

Given that reading comprehension is not your strong point it may have said something entirely different.

Year of the pig , if you read the thread you will have seen following my discharge from A&E there was no reason for me to go to the pub, as there was nothing clinically wrong with me.

why is that a fantasy , do tell .

3 months is too slow.


how far back do they keep records?

Did I say I was Jewish? What?

heff said you must have been covered in wine stains and smelt of poo and he gets a pass, I say this is insightful and you go demented 

pls explain relevance of being or not being Jewish?


viewing this dispassionately I'd say my post was more unpleasant than Hoolie's 

though I think both were meant humorously

can you ask for your medical records t be destroyed?  woudl the nhs resist that?

If there was no reason to go to the pub why were you there?

"They shouldn't make judgements like that about adults unless it's a psychiatric or welfare case"

Tbf tbf when GPs write this it is not so much a moral judgement as a marker of poss welfare concerns 

I say this on the basis of having read poss thousands of people's medical recs by now. They don't tend to score people's fashion sense out of 10 

What sails ? What’s your strong point ? Mucking about in boats when permitted, trading and building properties in gifted family money , being a “upper class “ male or colouring in for a living ? Which is it

we should also bear in mind that the fact that we don't like and/or disagree with what a gp says about us doesn't mean that he or she is wrong

Yes Hoolie I have seen hundreds of notes and records when I briefly dabbled/assisted in defendant PI/clin neg . In the main the fucking arse end of “ the law “

my mother suggests it is no such thing at all Hoolie , if it were a marker of welfare concerns it would say and offer signposting/ advice elsewhere. It was one line among hundreds so stop chatting nonsense 

Ebitda, do you expect people not to comment, or something? Ffs. Loads of other Roffers would have said exactly the same thing. Stop grabbing your petticoats in mock horror. Christ. 

See you love to read what I've said and then tell it back to me like you're making some genius point but I'm fully aware all of the above are my strong points because that's what I've told you my strong points are.

P.S. I'm one of the best colourers in on the market.

Dude as previously noted, I really don't care what a load of desperados on here who derive their feelings of self worth entirely from work think of my area of practice. I enjoy it and find it meaningful and interesting, but *even if I didn't* it still wouldn't matter what you think of it or me 

please do explain the query about whether or not I'm Jewish?

Dice man , a chunk of mine are missing, when they went digital , millions of paper records that were meant to be scanned on never were, or were scanned on in part. That must be the worst job in the world .

I may be wrong but did you say you are of the Jewish faith / race 

"It was one line among hundreds so stop chatting nonsense"

if it was one line why are you so upset about it?

Why is this relevant to this thread? I would like you to explain before I answer your question 

Sails im sure you are one of the best resi conveyances in the market , can  ask who rod u that ?

I believe in unicorns.  Will this make a difference to any answers i give on RoF?

Why is Hoolie’s cultural background (or not) of relevance at all in a thread about weird medical note comments?

The thrust of your attempt to score points off sails seems to be thst he earns quite a lot of money for doing a job you think is piss easy 

I'm not sure that is the burn you think it is 

ebit m99 about every third post of yours is about a trip to Spoons. it’s hardly surprising to read that you present like a tramp

*taking notes*

the subject has made a major breakthrough now that he is able to refer to his mother in the third person as "my mother", and not just "mother". however, his insistence on going to the pub shortly after emergency medical treatment, despite admitting to having no reason to be there, suggests he is not looking after himself.

The jewish line of questioning is weird, even against the background of ebit's initial hissy fit. Looking forward to the explanation. 

My colleagues and my clients tell me that.  I've been called absolutely fantastic by a grateful client this week.

Linda one day he'll realise that insulting someone with something they've already told you because it doesn't bother them is totally futile.  I fear his real issue is just jealousy.

They were quite succinct: "person, woman, man, camera, TV"

Heh at this thread. Can we have extracts from your GP notes as a regular feature please?

Merkz are you suggesting people who go to spoons might present like a tramp 

ebitda17 Sep 20 09:32



Toronto I have had dozens of emergency admissions and been extremely close to death on probably 3 occasions at least.

i was in A&E 3 days ago

judging by the above, one of ur emergency admissions can be chalked off as u being a hypochondriac

as u were able to go to the pub

how many of them were legit emergencies?

Sailo, is there any convention/good practice as to when you should use diagonal red stripes and when you should use blue hatching?

TBF older litigators will remember the times we had to use different colours on pleadings.  Happy days arsing around with your coloured pens.

Do you bazza bundler lot still have all that surrejoinder boll0cks?

Sails mate I’m not jealous of you are anyone , of that you can be sure .

whats it like to be upper class genuine question 

Interesting. The algorithm has understand Mercz's post. Ladies and gentlemen we have a breakthrough in the world of AI.

 I think the This Pleasant Lady stuff just appears on GP referral letters because they are giving the patient a copy too.

I would hate to see the private notes, ugh


"TBF older litigators will remember the times we had to use different colours on pleadings.  Happy days arsing around with your coloured pens."

We still do - got to being served with Re Re Re Amended POC a little while ago - I think the 4th set of changes were purple 

Was there a relevance to asking whether I'm Jewish then or what?

Hoolz the welfare thing is kind of what I mean

I have been taken to hospital before and been treated as though my partner might be abusing me

It is really freaky (and there was absolutely no reason to believe this - I was there for a long term condition!) 

I honestly think the doctor had been on a How to Spot Abuse course the week before and was just applying it to everyone

I wouldn't be surprised if the notes say We were concerned about abuse but Ms X denied. Stuff like that is horrible.

And even if it's just about yourself (he seemed unkempt!) it's building a picture of someone who can't be fully taken seriously by future medics. "Oh Mr ebitda you say you're eating healthily but here in the notes it says..."

I found a letter relating to me in my mum's papers. I had emergency appendix op while at boarding skool (the skool sent me private and parents got a whacking bill - I didn't have insurance at the time) and the surgeon sent a letter describing me along the lines of very underweight little girl. I wonder what made my mum kept it - for her, it was q possibly great pride at v. underweight, rather than o god what has boarding skool done to my poor child.

Just fix the bone, dole out the meds and fuck off

That is what doctors should be doing and if that's what they did the NHS would work a lot better

It pleases me greatly that this bollocks still goes on. More fun and games before Word though 


I'm sure she kept it in case she needed future evidence of mistreatment

Next time you're in you should ask the quack to check you over for Munchhausen's, Ebitda

Clergham, you have kinda nailed it . I sent the notes to my mother , she was horrified and said she would have a word .i have asked her not to! 
she says in circs such as mine and within the context of all the notes she can’t understand the entry .

Buzz no convention and generally I just get the colouring pencils out and see which colours are already sharp and which I fancy using.  Hatching or cross-hatching depends on how much I've got to do as clearly the latter is more time consuming and really only something you use if you've run out of other ways to distinguish areas.

Ebit that's like asking what it's like to be a man.  I know no other way of life but am quite content with the one I have.  However, that contentment comes not from the material trappings but from a knowledge of the things I can do if I need to.

i had to do some property stuff earlier this year.  apparently i used the wrong coloured ink the first time round.


I have got one that says "she claims to have has a normal childhood".

I mean I do claim that but "claims" makes it seem like a lie!

Just prescribe and stfu!

And ofc you can't win because if you express anger about it they will write down "the patient has a volatile mood" 🤣


If your mum got involved they would say you had issues stemming from an inappropriately controlling parent

Suggest you take your mum with too next time and have her checked over for Munchausen's by proxy at the same time lad.

Did you go with blinds and curtains or just blinds? 


Also, what YOTP and ftse said. 

My doctor no doubt has me down as an accident prone bon viveur as my last visits have involved a broken wrist, kidney stones, a snapped achilles and a rather disgruntled gall bladder.

Do you not feel the urge to adopt a particular style for your colouring in Sailo so that people go "Ah, I recognise this, this bears the hallmark of Sailo"?  Have you given any thought to using spirograph?

I'm still trying to find a client who'll let me draft them a set of articles of association with two classes of shares named "Kylie Shares" and "Danni Shares".  

she was horrified and said she would have a word

I got my mum to tell off my boss once because he said I was, and I quote “a smelly shit stain that we will fire as soon as the HR lady comes back from her mat leave”

the boss said he was sorry to me in front of everyone and said he wouldn’t do it again.

I asked to see a copy of mine when the insurers asked for them. It said I was a pleasant young lady and Jewish. Which was nice. 

i fucking love ebitda and his multiple jobs in various forms of law and private equity, one-bed flat in wimbledon, near death experiences, absolute reliance on his mother and obsession with spoons

never change m7

its really impressive especially in a second lnguage

You know that in doctor lingo “pleasant young woman” actually is a euphemism for “termagant”?*

u kno that rite?


* with apols to cookie r.i.p.

Buzz my telltale sign is using ink and moving the ruler while it's still wet so the that the hatching drags a little in places.

I walked into a lamppost on my way to court years ago. Proper Acme style bump on my head came up. I took myself to A&E to get it checked and the doc asked me, pointedly, whether I was on my own when it happened. I said yes, thank god. He didn’t seem convinced until I walked into a swing door on the way out. No abuse here. Just cretinous clumsiness. The two symmetrical black eyes got some equally sceptical looks over the following 10 days. 

Still waiting for basis of asking whether I am Jewish ...

I am curious on that one too, keep at it. He's thinking hard. 

Appearance can often be commented on in medical records, usually to establish appropriateness thereof. However it seems to be usually used when someone is considering the mental health of the patient.

Oracle were you previously Sergio ?

not had multiple jobs , just two in fact , not do I live in a one bed flat in Wimbledon . No reliance on mother and no obsession with spoons . Glad to assist 

And Sergio people with asthma who have to medicate twice a day for ever , do have near death experiences, it is the biggest killer of males under 40 in the U.K. , but you knew that right ?

it might be 30 in fact , can’t quite recall.

Errrm, fairly sure that's suicide you are thinking of.  Not wheezing.

Lol at asthma attacks /episodes as wheezing, dear god give me strength.

Bailey has reminded me of a former colleague who fell of a table she was dancing on in a pub and in the process she nutted the side of the table.  She was so embarrassed she invented a cover story for the two black eyes which just convinced she was in fact being abused.

Didn't realise there was that level of detail, thought just key points like surgeries, hospital admissions etc

Buzz, I would. Next tome I’m forming a company. Whixh class would have the better rights?

Did we get an explanation for the frankly troubling question re: Jewish??

You hover over a thread sometimes and think it's going to be dross...