Have you ever had a floater in your eye...

...does it go away naturally. This fuzzy web thing drifting back and forward across my vision is really annoying.

Who shat in your eye, Fluffy?  You need to get into scat gently, not just dive in with the extreme stuff.  What's wrong with getting your partner to gently lay a log in your cleavage first, just to see if you like it?

you should get it checked out 


I some times get them when I'm really tired and trying to use a computer.  Usually go away if I go home and put my feet up.

It could be nothing 


or it could be your retina detaching 

your brain filters them out. You can see them better if you stare at a wall or something plain.

"...or it could be your retina detaching"

Gessus, how did I do that?

Minkie, you could be right... ...perhaps my computer screen is too bright.

i think retina detaching is more flashing lights not floaters??

both are more common as you age though iirc.

Are you saying I'm old ??

I do have the odd flash happening at the bottom left hand corner of my left eye... ...**gulp**

If my retina detaches, where will it finish up?

If you move your eyes quickly from one side to the other you can get them spinning around in there.

you really need to sort out your aim. How does one even sh1t in one's eye?.

If your retina detaches it just sort of floats around inside the chasm of your eye I think

Very droll IG... ...I'm googling white sticks before my vision goes completely!

"If your retina detaches it just sort of floats around inside the chasm of your eye I think"

Oh boke... ...how do they refix it?

Ta pumpkin... ...could be getting punched in the head?


fluffy I have always bern able to bring on a light flash in the dark if I squidge the corner or my eye. Optician says this is gel(?) detaching and is same process as retina detaching BUT only if this happens a lot is there problem. 

Seriously go see an ophthalmologist. Retinal detachment if left unchecked can lead to loss of vision. Flashing light is a sign that this could be happening. They can laser fix it back but it has to be caught very early. Don’t dismiss it. If it’s just floaters, probably less to worry about. They’re just dead cells floating about in the gel. Unless of course they’re huge and obstruct vision. Just go to an ophthalmologist ffs!

Is this 'ophthalmologist'  nonsense  a yank b*llshit word for  an optician? 

There is a bit in I think The Green Mile by Stephen King (book not film) about this.  floaters are perfectly normal and the olddr you get the more there are.  It might be from cocoon actually.  anyway, I digress...

Is this 'ophthalmologist'  nonsense  a yank b*llshit word for  an optician? 




Do I have to stop gymbox?

That’s what I need to know... ...obviously if I can’t see out of my eye I’m going to get blattered.


I had exactly that type of floater a couple of months ago. It is caused by the jelly substance between your lens and retina coming away. I am told it eventually happens to everyone and is harmless - like grey.

What might cause a problem is if it pulls at the retina as it detaches and causes that to detach too. So you need to check it out urgently. They lasered my eye straight away to stop it detaching as they weren't sure.

Floaters described as a "grey web" associated with flashes of light (or, to give them their medical name, photopsia) is highly suspicious for retinal detachment, as many learned posters said above. It's not perfectly normal and I would refer you to the eye clinic immediately, ideally for review the same day. You would there be seen by an ophthalmologist which, for the avoidance of doubt, is a medical doctor specialising in eyes and is not in any sense an optician.

Just get some proper assessment sooner rather than later.

Well the one I had the other day went away when I stopped staring at a screen and got some sleep.

I'm no ophthalmologist, optician or eye expert but I do have a very high short-sightedness prescription which puts me at a higher risk of retinal detachment apparently.  Based on what they have said to me in the past, no, I wouldn't want to go and risk getting punched in the head again until I'd had it properly checked out.

Mrs ITPleb is in the same boat as pumpkin, and is also a GP.  We have to head straight to Moorfields if the symptoms you are describing occur. 

Honestly, it's your eye sight.  Go get it checked out today. In worktime if poss, will be less of a wait.

Moorfields will be tricky but I'll see if I can find someone more local...

...I thought it was just a temporary thing?

111 is apparently OK these days.  They can make arrangements for same-day review somewhere.