Have you ever eaten whale?

Was it worth the brutality? (Serious q)

People also ask-

What is whale cheese?

Whale cheese is notably creamy and rich thanks to the high fat content in the milk. The flavor profile is unique. There's a subtle saltiness to the cheese, reminiscent of the sea. It's distinctly a product of the ocean: many tasters find it subtly reminds them of fresh oysters or crisp ocean air.

belated heh for jelly.


I have gone down a rabbit hole now of the types of animal that have been used for cheese:

  • cow, sheep (fine)
  • goat (wrong)
  • Llama and alpaca (fine)
  • Camel (wrong)
  • Donkey (wrong)
  • Deer (not sure)
  • Horse (wrong but I'd eat it)
  • Yak (fine)
  • Human (wrong wrong wrong but I would struggle to explain why)

Also, there are cheeses matured and served with live maggots in Italy (i saw a prg once where tom parker bowles ate this).

And in Germany, the poo from dust mites.

Yes and no. In one of the countries that has an exemption, they serve the tourists a sliver of dried aged whalemeat the size of a postage stamp,and I tried that . It tastes like stale salted leather. Apparently a fresh steak is lovely but no, I wouldn't order  it. 


I would not try this meat again. However, in places such as Norway they are a common item on the menu. The dish I tried was terrible and it was a strong meaty taste with a smooth rubbery texture.

Yep, minke whale I believe.  Was like very stringy beef and pretty flavourless despite having it in the fishing village it was brought in.  

I feel awful about it, but at the time I knew it was sitting in the fridge and would just be eaten by someone else anyway. Not worth it.

It's like SeaWorld though, I'm against it but would still visit for the experience.  

Siri, please define hypocrisy.

yes couple of slices of whale sausage from a stall in Bergen

it tasted pretty much like any other red meat salami

would not kill whale just to eat

I fully understand why ecologically killing whales is undesirable because there are so few of them, but morally I’m not sure why it’s any wronger or more brutal than eating a pig