have you been inconvenienced by extinction rebellion today?

tomorrow they are doing a Very Slow Cycle in Edinburgh and I can't think of anything more annoying

"Can't think of anything more annoying"

How about drowning because of rising ocean levels, or starving to death because of climate change?

It's rare I drive around Edinburgh so it's probably wouldn't be so much of a problem for me.

well, i would probably not describe those as "annoying".

I also don't think they are very likely to happen. The sea was supposed to have risen already.

I don't ever drive around Edinburgh but the roads will still be blocked to buses and pedestrians with their interminable smug tea parties

Just press the button and cross when the green man is lit. If they try and hit me at that point with their slow moving bikes that will be their problem.

surely the bikes would win?

unless you brought your gun

which I would not disapprove of

Yes there were no bloody buses so I had to walk thru a crowd of hemp clad flangecrusts with their poorly made signs and symbols robbed from harry potter Nd the deathly hallows

this infuriates me

"what do we want?"

"not sure really just to be pains in the arse"

"when do we want it"

"no idea we have done no research and seem to be inconveniencing people in the most anti-car cities in the world!"

But on the positive side it is a lovely day for a walk

Oh is that what just passed me when I popped out for lunch?  There were about 25 crusties shouting something I couldn't understand and waving placards I couldn't read.  That was an effective demonstration then...

Clergs just take a stick or a brolly to ram through their spokes if they are getting uppity.

Speed they are riding at and size of me means it will be unfortunate for them if they ram into me.

I don't think they are confident enough with defined goals to make readable signs, nexis

We were all told to work from home today. Looks like the hippies have already attacked shell hq.

They seem to be eschewing home grown yams or indeed the little local sandwich bar in favour of Pret 

They were all over w,loo bridge and the strand dux

there was a posh old lady (big Chanel clip on earrings and hair like Karl Lagerfeld) who got on to the C1 at Harrods this morning and spent 5 mins asking the bus driver why all the 14s were congregating up near the V&A.  Due according to bus driver because of the demo.  Then builder type shouted at them to stop talking and start moving.

I'll be doing the same when the yellow "vest" movement arrives in Blighty.

Extinction Rebellion are really annoying.  They have the right idea on the climate stuff but then mix it up with a load of political nonsense that makes it hard for anyone who does not share their rather precise brand of left-ish vegan self-righteousness to care.  

They moved into my local areas about 10 days ago, squatting in a building which had only just been vacated to allow building work to start to turn it into an independent cinema. Locals round here livid - derelict building for years and with squatters now no cinema! 

The squatters put on a dance and face painting event for locals to hear their message and the cooked a curry too (I am not making this up) but I don't think anyone showed up.

There's something pleasingly middle class about them waiting for the school holiday so they aren't fined for taking the kids out of school and can use annual leave to protest.

There's also something self-defeating about blockading London when half the world has already buggered off for Easter.

the wankers are still blocking the bloody bridge.  not sure how skateboarding saves the world tbh. 

where have all the insects gone?  wash your hair you scuzzer they are probably in there.

The future is vegan.  mine isnt I've just bought a sausage bun

the whole thing makes me want to put glass in the plastic recycling

I did note the bloke in the high vis protester vest saving the planet thru the medium of lucozade sport that he bought in tescos.  fight the powa!

These eco pikeys are apparently going to be blocking the bridge til the end of next week.  WANKERS!  I dont even go on foreign holidays.

Wang - is the extraordinary decline in insects not something of concern? Separating the point from the self regarding cultists blocking the bridges etc. Morons - virtue signalling of the worst kind, completely alienates the very people who need to be won over to the fact that we are dependent on a functioning ecosystems and that we need to change. 

m7 I have a large area of garden dedicated to bee an bfly friendly stuff.  I still want to get the bus in the morning and I dont need to be lectured at by a hairy sixth form vegan when trying to get to work.  

Apparently they're going to try to disrupt rail and tube tomorrow - can guarantee they'll try to do Waterloo

Yeh.  Still crusty.  Still annoying.  Still right about the climate thing.

M9 I’m not sure your wildlife friendly garden is likely to be quite on the scale required.....

when they block waterloo bridge, their kit - sound systems etc. - should be confiscated and crushed. 

Still blocked with trees and tents and crust Mongers. Just fuck off ribbon juggling hair braiding nose piercing lurcher toting spliff sucking fuckmonkey, we have an ailing economy to prop up

Johnny Copper is standing around smiling in a yellow vest and chatting to them but why do they allow these individuals to block a road?  I support the right to lawful protest on a peaceful basis but that can be done on a pavement not a main road so why the fuck don’t they arrest them?

They arrested 120 of them yesterday apparently.  where's that water cannon bozza bought?

There's a heavier than usual police presence on the Tube this morning.

The more I think about it I can't tell if a group called Extinction Rebellion wants to save us from extinction or make us extinct.  Couldn't they come up with a less ambiguous name?

So far today, they've made my commute more pleasant. Pedestrianised London is ace

Lets face it, most of us would prefer the UK climate a few degrees warmer

 I have just walked over the bridge through that mini glasto bollox for the second time today and here are my reflections.

There was an ancient man playing a guitar and when he finished some woman said ‘thanks Alan for your reflections on the nuclear threat’. Yes thank you Alan but wrong protest, wrong era m8.

I still do not understand why people are not being policed properly.   while there are people in the middle of the bridge doing their thing there are also rucksacks put on the side of the bridge and not in the position of anyone in particular. Easy bomb job. Fucksake.

Did you give a suitable Rof snigger about the fact he was called Alan?

Of course. Not secret really. More of a head chucked back, loud guffaw at all points including that. 


Saw two kids - toddlers - in little accidents. One hit bit a tricycle rickshaw and one run into by a completely spliffed (or worse) Rasta on a skateboard who looked like he was having the most terrifying journey of his life...gaining pace downhill from the apex of the bridge while overcorrecting to the previously miscalculated weight redistribution such that he looked like he was managing some very difficult invisible slalom with increasingly violent manoeuvres. His face looked like a black version of the Home Alone poster.

Can the bridge pikeys pls fuck off now?  I have heard enough bob marley.

There was some bloke on the roof of the bus this morning shouting "people's rebellion".  the temptation to shout back "you're a bellend" was almost uncontainable

Blame society.  Quelling my artistic temperament 

as you walk through them do they shout at you?

hope they are gone by next time I am down

and that the trains are working

I think it's ace.

It's proper People Power, just like the Brexit vote.

The Establishment hates it but *plays world's tiniest violin*

if you left your car in the road, it would be taken away and crushed. this group of people shouldn't get special privileges

I'm with 3 ducks on this issue

their cause is just, right and important

I don't think they should be targeting the tube/trains, but stopping vehicles is a meaningful and proportionate means of protest


heffalump - what is their cause? genuine question

what are they trying to achieve? the fact of the public transport attacks shows that they are mostly extreme anti-capitalists who don't need to work for one reason or another

"raisnig awareness" is not a valid aim at this stage btw

what do they actually want to happen? (aside from dismantling of the economy and democratic functions as we know them)

A credible goverment policy on addressing our Paris commitments and proper commitments by the private sector to address climate change risk, presumably Clergs.  Which hasn't happened yet.

They are annoying self-righeous fuckers, but the broader point is valid.  And 35 central banks across the globe effectively agreed yesterday.

I don't know for sure and can't be bothered to find out but I anticipate they are protesting to try to get the government and the public to wake up to the dangers caused by our current environmental vandalism 


what do they actually want to happen? (aside from dismantling of the economy and democratic functions as we know them)

And what they want would prevent the dismantling of the economy and democratic functions as we know, as well as the basic conceptions we have about social order and human rights.  If we don't act right now, that's what's at risk at a minimum.

They have made that point quite effectively and public opinion is with them on this now I think, which is why they are not being rounded up and shipped out, but it is not with them on the question of blocking bridges for days. Dear crustiest- make a peaceful protest, register the concern and fuck off.

lots of lollersome comments on this thread, but this is a good one:


"where have all the insects gone?  wash your hair you scuzzer they are probably in there."

The cause is a good one, the method of "protest" is self-defeating, imo. 

Ah, it's a nice day to walk across the bridge and it's the last day before a long weekend.  I like the plants they've put on the central reservation.  They can stay there for Easter if they like. They'll get bored after a while. I'm sure it's quite depressing being desperate for attention and to get arrested for your principles and then you just get ignored by police and commuters going past. 

I suspect the attention-seeking ones who have made a career out of standing up to The Man and The Establishment must be a bit disconcerted to have Mark Carney, Vladis Dombrovskis and the People's Bank of China on their side of the argument.

Arresting them is expensive.  They are annoying, idiotic and need a wash, a haircut and a job.  

BUT they are basically right about this one.  We do need to do more about climate change and really very quickly indeed.  

Current policies are focussed on achieving a carbon-neutral UK by 2050 or about 31 years from now.   That's too little, too late.  

yeah the fact s theirs is a majoritarian view so these stroppy protests are just counter productive

every time I see a picture on the guardian live blog I feel the urge to put a disposable coffee cup in the recycling bin

saying "we want an end to environmental vandalism" is meaningless and I don't believe most of them even know what this means

their actions suggest they want an end to public transport so

I am not with them and fuck them

is it too little too late tho? bearing in mind that in the 80s we had ten years before it was too late

most people would prefer police resource to be spent on fighting knife crime.

almost everybody agrees with the cause. so there is little to no point in the protest

Diceman, agree the protestors are irritating pains in the arse but disagree that everyone agrees with the cause.  Lots of people are still saying "We can't do anything", "because China", "These scientists can't agree".

saying "we want an end to environmental vandalism" is meaningless and I don't believe most of them even know what this means

I think they know what it means, but they don't have a clue about how to sort it.  And they sure as shit don't know how to influence the people who will make the difference.

have you seen the atlantic article on the diane feinstein picket? made me chuckle