Have we done Gavin Williamson (modern day Nelson)?

Thinking of converting ferries into war ships

and Lethalizing 


Amazing level of epic khuntery. 

has anybody told him that he has two purpose built assault ships in the Albion class sitting with one permanently mothballed ? 

maybe he should do a bit of inventory before he starts going all scrap heap challenge with military kit

Hold on - earlier this month after the Seaborne Freight debacle he was saying the Navy could step in to be ferries if needed.  Now he wants ferries to be warships? 

Maybe he could weaponise his pet spider.

The guy is a Grade A tool.


I thought they'd changed their minds and the bulwark and Albion were to be brought back into full service after a refurb....?

don't think so Teccers, in fact, I think they were talking about scrapping both because the carriers are spenny

on the upside, if Williamson is pushing a more belligerent line then you need the navy to be the platform that you launch that beligerence from

unless you think (as some people do) that you can air to air refuel drones to asia and back (or you create an army of conventional warhead ICBMS) 

He'll be looking to re-commission the Mary Rose next.

Can't you fit the British army into Wembley and still have empty seats?


sumo - belligerence is sometimes helpful but pug ignorant an arrogant ranting doesn't come close. he is so out of his depth there with those pointless remarks. 

I hadn't heard his voice until yesterday but can now say he will never be party leader as he sounds totally grey and insipid.

As opposed to May who sounds the life and soul of the party?

I've seen the design for the proposed new strike ships

I got worried when I heard the term "littoral combat" banded about, since the yanks have found out that there is sort of a reason that this type of ship hasn't been a thing for like ever

they are meant to be more nippy. that said what are the chances that the irish ferry converted to become one is going to go at anything more than 23 kts

How did this provocative tool get the job in the first place?

Roosevelt said to speak softly but carry a big stick

This moron does the opposite 

Can't understand why he hasn't been sacked 

he apparently has the dirty dossier on all MPs including May. he was May's lapdog doing her dirty when she was the home minister. 

Ray she's got a lot more tonal range than Gavin appears to have and doesn't look slightly scared whilst giving a speech.

Yes Coffers, there has to be some explanation for Mays otherwise seeming irrationality 

No Ray but Gav reminded me of a shy school kid who's been asked to give a presentation in assembly and has done his best to avoid it.

they do look like oars but I think they are cranes deploying boats instead of the current method used by pretty much all amphibous assault ships of have an internal dock

it's a bluddy ugly design and not really in keeping with the RN aesthetic, maybe will morph into something like RFA Argus (which plays I think USS Argus in WWZ) 



Argus is 81 built and may have another 5 to go. It can't compete on pace with the more pacey ones coming out of china and russia. it can be deployed in Somalia though. Even french have a faster version

Tl;dr but I’m surprised no one has taken this callow youth outside to teach him some manners. 

His wikipaedia profile is interesting. A fireplace salesmen, who seems to have left one firm after some 'kissing' nothing more.

He is a terrible public speaker.  He really needs some voice training like Maggie in the seventies when they lowered her voice.


GW is an embarrassment.  To the nation, to the defence establishment and to the Tory party.  

Someone should send him back to selling fireplaces.