Have u signed up for the zoe nutrition thing?

Thinking of doing this even tho Whatsisface Spector was a massive covid fanny

And are you 4kg lighter as a consequence (which is the average according to their marketing), Heffers?

2 or 3kg lighter though I wasn't really doing it to lose weight

clergs: you have to prick a finger to do the blood test. It's not difficult. 

Yes. You have to prick a finger. Do it when you get out of bed all warm and toasty and it’s a doddle. The blood sugar monitor you stick on your arm is also good. I didn’t lose any weight but might be because I’m still on steroids. 

it definitely isn't a "doddle" I can't really do them cos of low blood pressure

oh well, saves me some £

I’ve got low BP too but seriously if you are nice and warm it makes a massive difference. Good luck

I've heard the sign up process asks stupid gender identity rather than sex questions, that will probably sort out your blood pressure.

heh well it asks what sex you were "assigned at birth" and if you identify as a different gender

I am more troubled by how many podcasts I can no longer listen to cos of all the rich dudes wanging on about intersectional feminism

I did it - it’s only worth doing if you can really commit to putting the data in about what you’re eating. If you don’t have time/inclination to log your meals properly, you won’t get much out of it at all. 

This put me off a bit (also the certain knowledge it would judge my preference for a sweet breakfast)