have any of you built your own website recently?

Looking for some pointers to get started. 

It looks like I could gt going pretty quickly and easily using go daddy or similar but if I want to be able to control hosting in the future and make all the data portable presumably I need to use a less mainstream service from the get go?

Godaddy is great because you get preloaded server apps that you can install on your server.  If you did want to move in the future you can just export the data in recognised formats then reload it onto your new server.

The server software they use is very industry standard and mainstream including even forums like phpBB.  I have a couple of server s with them and wouldn't change TBH, they've been great.


Thanks Tecco. Can you generate ad revenue through a go daddy website? Do you have to share it with go daddy?

Ad revenue is fine, you just need to make sure your adverts will fit into the frames of the pregenerated boxes on whatever server apps you are using.  Not such an issue for browser services but it can get a bit awkward on forums and chat rooms.

You should be aware that affiliate programs and online advertising take quite a while to get going before there is any meaningful revenue stream from them.  

I have affiliate membership with most premier league football online shops relevant to each specific forum but it took ages before enough users were clicking through and buying before I made any money at all.