I wish hats would come back

I do have a tiny head. 

I have to buy those hats with the elastic band around the inside that you can tighten. 


Erm. There is no ban. Wear the hat! Be the sartorial change you want to see in the world!  

I have a Detroit Tigers baseball cap. Somewhat tattered now, but it keeps the sun off.

I have a big heed. Wear size 60 hats. My bike helmet is white so when I wear it my head looks like a massive shroom.

I don't think I consider baseball caps or beanies as being part of a hat wearing comeback. Probably the only proper hat I have other than the work ones is a panama I bought in Portugal when I was attending an outdoors wedding.


My head is also the wrong shape, but if I don't wear a hat it quickly becomes the wrong colour

I have loads of hats. Didn't actually know they came in different sizes though.

I like my big floppy lord's hat - proper sun protection right there

This week i have been mostly sporting a north face bball cap (grey).  Nose and foreheid corners are sunburn free

When I lived in New York, I would wear a woollen hat during the worst days of winter, but otherwise I don't like the idea of my head and hair stewing in sweat.

I'm guessing my favourite waterproof fleece lined hat with fold down ear flaps doesn't count for the purposes of this thread but it is amazing.

Wearing a panama makes you look like a sex tourist.

Second only to wearing wire framed photochromic glasses. 


also a straw boater to go with my Vetra chore coat, when I feel like channeling Monty Don.

I agree. That Blue Nile album was one of the best albums of the 1980's.

I have a straw Panama, a few foldable waterproof fishing hats, a trilby (only worn the once, absolutely did not work) and a couple of black fedoras.

Never wear the fedoras anymore, more of a suit and coat kind of thing and I don’t do that these days.