Harry telling porkies again

“My family literally cut me off financially “ Clarence House accounts show substantial cash payments made until the summer of 2020” Oops 

Its bizarre that he thinks moaning about being cut off financially brings him sympathy.  

he doesn't seem to understand most people would find two able bodied people in their mid thirties being financially supported by their families bizarre 

His logic is that of someone who is wealthy but has been handed freebies absolutely everywhere since he was born and pays for nothing:

“I had to sign the Spotify and Netflix deals as we were immediately cut off financially and I have to earn for my family”. 


“I wouldn't have been able to cut myself off from the royal family without the £7m my mother left me, which hasn't been touched since then and is actually a much larger sum because my trustees will have invested it 24 years ago”. 

Starting a fight with the snobby, racist English to get the US sales and deals flowing is working very well for them indeed. 

I absolutely long for them to star in a Netflix Xmas movie 

the poor lost prince, cut off from his family with only 7 million quid (plus growth) to his name, rescued by the holiday star 

Have some pity for low intelligence white kids, lacking qualifications, from families who live off the taxpayer. Very much the left behind.

We should bring back National Service. I am sure a spell in the army would sort him out.

Oh heck.

To me I always thought he was relatively alive to everyday issues of normal people , given he had plenty of non royal middle class mates, and was in the army with colleagues earning 20k. 
I suspect mental I mean Meghan has persuaded him that the money they have will “run out here” hence signing all these grubby deals .

The story is thousands of years old Linda...

"There was a man who had two sons.  The younger one said to his father, ‘Father, give me my share of the estate.’ So he divided his property between them. Not long after that, the younger son got together all he had, set off for a distant country ..."

Please just make it stop.


Although of course it's strangely compelling, just like rubbernecking at a nasty accident site.

Man wants to be financially independent and is then horrified when he's made financially independent!

There's something fishy about the whole thing as the house they've bought cost far more than Harry alone had and according to some sources more than their combined wealth.  They are rumoured to have a mortgage but to get would need to have provided proof of some kind of earnings or provided other serious assets as security (to borrow $20m guess you'd need to show a way of earning several million a year).  In the meantime they are spending in a manner that is unaffordable for more than a few years if you've got a combined wealth of a few tens of millions.

If I was Harry I would be putting some money somewhere Meg will never find it when the divorce proceedings start.

You gonna be cleaned out bro.

No I read they rented initially but have bought this place with a mortgage.

Still eh, at least she’ll never have to get the boys out again on camera. 

Those divorce proceedings are looking quite imminent, I feel. Maybe a bit of delay to allow Lili to grow a bit and make it look more respectable. Otherwise sooner rather than later. 

Agreed. And when they get divorced it will be framed as having been caused by the British press - no marriage could survive what we've been put through etc etc etc. Rather than the fact that they're a couple of selfish, entitled c**ts. 

I think they’re only going to get closer to each other. They’ve isolated themselves. He’s got no choice but to hold on tight 

I expect he is mainly told what he has asset wise rather than on his ISA provider app daily. He also probably hardly listens to those people so got told to reign (ho ho) his spending in and assumed that was when it was cut off. 

As for divorce, I expect all his wealth is in a Guernsey trust and it's the "pocket money" he is particularly missing, which has to go further now as he has to pay for all the previous freebies as someone else pointed out. The trustees will be holding the purse strings tight for his children and grandchildren. Given that MM is a middling actor with limited assets who probably also got more freebies when she was an acting somebody, I expect they are both feeling the pinch of moving down from oligarch wealth to investment banking director couple wealth. 

Are they profligate spenders though? They seem to have a Range Rover, travel on commercial lines, a nanny and bodyguard.

why are the trustees holding the purse strings when he’s in his mid 30s?!

Heh at investment banking director couple wealth. As if.  The brand is worth hundred of millions if they really monetise (e.g. she does a 'tell all' film starring as herself or they do a reality show kardashian (sp?) style or sommat).  There is a massive (in some cases grim) fascination with them for a lot of people across the world..

A lot of this stuff will be a dance with the royals with the unspoken (or maybe behind closed doors spoken) threat to do something like that I expect.  They probably do have the power to cause a stink bad enough to hurt the Royals very badly indeed

Because that's how a trust works unless it's one that hands over the assets when you reach a certain age.  The Duke of Westminster also has to deal with his trustees albeit he will also have some stuff outside the main trust.  I have dealt with a number of trusts buying properties for people in their 30's and putting charges on them in favour of the trust so that the beneficiary can't try and sell the property to use the money to spend on drugs and the like.

I consider the payments on a $20m mortgage to be pretty profligate as you're looking at around $30,000 a month interest only with a 2% interest rate.

Ebit - what, you think they are cooking their own food and doing the maintenance on the mansion themselves?

If there are less than 20 people on their pay roll (including publicists and PA's etc as well as domestic staff and security) I would be surprised. 

The problem is there's no means to monetise it on an ongoing basis. It will be a 2 year long freak show and then done as people tire of the same disfigurements. I think they have made a massive miscalculation hence why they keep popping up to show they are still there. 

You have someone that had a relatively simple life wanting for nothing. You have a climber that seems to have completely failed to appreciate that. As Withnail said, "free to those that can afford it. Very expensive to those that can't." She's had a look at his current account statement and said "I earned more than this, let's go." There was a series on Channel4 years ago about an up and coming band that had a ticker in the corner with the amount they were accumulating that would ultimately be netted off against their gross income, so they ended up with nothing. That's the position they are in. 

It's like all these people that want out of the band and then realise in their 50s they were morons. 

What do you expect, they lied and lied. Only chill defends them 

they've got a PR / branding team of about 10, then there's the foundation staff, the extensive legal teams and multiple ongoing actions, production staff for the audio and a/v deals, their domestic staff will include housekeeper / cleaners, nannies, gardeners, chicken keepers, pool boys, the expensive security guards, a driver, caretaker. Her wardrobe costs are likely enormous even if she's allowed to take freebies now adn they've got a penchant for flying private. The entertainment bill is going to need to be large to keep sweet with all the really wealthy people that htey're sucking up to (David Foster + wife / Serena Williams + husband / Oprah etc etc) - there was a hilarious piece about the latest baby shower and the goodie bags that they provided which - even with some donated items - woudl have costs tens of thousands.

Bananaman's note above is spot on.

And the income from Spotify and Netflix will be drip fed in tranches and will be (in part) dependent on success of their output. Going by the tone of the programmes so far, surely people can't be lapping up all the whining? maybe there is a market for it, but I really struggle to see it. They'll have announced an overall deal value but the reality of what they're getting out of it after costs can't be covering that huge staff bill and lifestyle easily.

(i suspect the largest portion of their income is actually salary from the charitable foundation. Nice)

They could go large and make a proper killing short term though Bananaman.  They would be absolutely hated in the UK for doing it but they'd still get party invites in the US.

A tell all film in which she stars as herself (and gets her kit off a bit) would probably gross a billion dollars. 

As trustafarians go he's pretty much an archietype.

I am sure they will keep concocting stories about abuse and continued bullying to keep the charity donations running - a bit like Trump. 

In the US, it appears, sensational lies work better than ordinary truths. 

Donny mansion is a new build, so not much upkeep there, probably have PT/FT housekeeper /cook. 30 k a year . Pales into insignificance if you hired lear jets everywhere, and owned 10 super cars, etc.

Big grounds as well so probably a couple of gardeners and no doubt a pool boy as they won't want to clean it themselves.  Insurance bill is almost certainly five figures.

Don't most really wealthy people set up a charity foundation, and then expense all travel etc. through that on the basis that they are the product?

Heh at running out of money. They’ve got more than any roffer and that’s saying something!

Also his father chose to let him and his brother have money left by Diana to Charles via a will variation. Charles did not have to give him that money but he chose to do so, not that Harry seems very grateful.


Anyway I thought it was rude to talk about money, religious or politics...... (perhaps we should add covid to that list for dinner parties...)

All the commentary from these people is tone deaf in an unequal world they claim to care about. In 10 years they will look back and feel embarrassed by the fact that they talked in this way about their own hardships while championing causes that seek to break down inequality and prejudice.  

Sails, would Harry feel happy leaving Meg in the house with a pool boy standing by?

We have all seen films with that plot.


He's right to complain. In fact, it's WORSE than nothing: It's an insult.

He's bang on the money (no pun intended): this is what being cut off looks like.

You're all just moaning because you hate Meghan, you racists.

Lydia, I don't believe for a second that this poor orphan's mother cut him off and left him with nothing when she died. How could she be so cruel?

It was just a standard will variation the heirs chose to do so the money went to the sons and presumably saved some IHT too but Harry keeps saying he only had his mother's money - well he didn't even really have all that because of the will thing.

Why was she so mean to him to that she preferred to give her money to her ex husband?

Can’t wait until tomorrow’s statue unveiling

if it doesn’t end in a Bridget Jones style fight which culminates in them accidentally tripping over the plinth I will be most disappointed 

(Plus am imagining this statue will be tres tacky - bring it on)


Surely you’re not saying there’s anything tacky about the people’s princess?

Sails, would Harry feel happy leaving Meg in the house with a pool boy standing by?

Jerry Falwell Jr wouldn't.

You would imagine that if there is one derogatory peep out of Gayle King, The Scobie or Oprah about Hazza’s jaunt, all further invites to the gruesome twosome will be withdrawn PDQ.

But Megster can’t really help herself…

I had to Google that Coracle

Blimey, some people have more interesting lives than me