Harry Styles / Watermelon Sugar High

I think I can see what all the fuss is about now. He’s cute but also a wee bit sexy. 

Pretty much. 

Do we think he might be interested in a tubby, 40-something mother of two? I think almost definitely. 

heh, I think he exclusively bangs older women to be fair. Some stunnas in there

I dunno. I’ll have to ask Wayne Rooney what that’s called. 

Hmph. These are not older women, merely older-than-him women. 

Rumours abound that he might. 

I suspect he may have had women of all ages. 

I've never understood the attraction myself (of Styles that is)

He was dating Caroline flack when he was a teenager and she was in her 30s (ick) so I reckon you'd be in with a chance betty 

I do not see the attraction of younger men tbh 

Late twenties / early 30s has always been a sweet spot for me. Even when I was only teens myself. 

ive always gone for older women too tbf

Personal preference I guess


Always older than you, or always of a particular (advanced) age. 

I’ve never gone older than mid 40s, and even that was only the once. 

older than me. Similar sweet spot to you when in early 20s, now it would be mid 40s probably (were I dating)

I thought mid 40s is when you hit your last fuckable day. Nice to know that’s not universally the case ;)

It’s a dreadful song tho. I can’t really get over that. 

I was (mostly) joking. 

I’ve no idea what age I’d go for now. I’d like to try something different I think - like dating someone very rich or very intelligent. Having said that, I don’t think either of those would be good for my self esteem. 

so Mr B isn't intelligent?! Hmm

I don't know how I would fare at online dating

I’m staring down the barrel of going on apps etc. Not a cheerful prospect tbh

He’s about the same as me, bright/above average but not exceptional. 

How long have you been single new chimp. 

Also how tall are you and do you smoke?

Fair enough. I wouldn't want an uber swot, nor would I want to date an airhead. Sounds like you/Mr B are about right 

Do you think you have a "type"?

My type is first and foremost the “nice” guy.  

Physically....Kind eyes. Good teeth. I’m not really in to blondes. A Kyle Chandler looking guy. 

How long have you been single new chimp. 

Approximately 2 days Betty.

I’m 5’11” and I do not smoke. GSOH. No obviously aberrant physical features on first sighting.


I had my heart broken in my early 30s and decide it to fix it by rushing in to a new relationship. It ended badly. 

I don't know how anyone under 6' goes out in public [\wellers]

He's right tho. 

I don't know how anyone under 6' goes out in public [\wellers]

This is why I rof from my cellar.

Who ended things NC?

I don't think I have a "type", every girl I've dated has been very different. Naturally pretty is the only common factor (rather than needing /wearing lots of makeup)

We’re talking internet measurements here so I’m actually 5’7”, tops.

The three way flirting dynamic of this thread is confusing me 

I'm going to get some wine to see if it improves clarity 

The three way flirting dynamic of this thread is confusing me 

Things have been hotting up between me and Raddy.

all that conversation about T-cells. I know his game.

Hes done most ages so sure he wld be glad to get the stick up you betty

Some women really like the drug-addled tramp thing. Pete Doherty did pretty well

Being a drug-addled tramp is going to become a lot more fashionable in the coming months 

Harry Styles Dresses Like A Classy Grandma, And It Works ...


When you shit ourself at your grandmas house and don't have any spare clothes with you.

When a gentleman who is "good with colours", isn't.

Ahaha that is a truly awful outfit. 

agreed he does not look 25 in the vid, hence the appeal. 25 = basically still a child. 

The title of this thread reminded me of "Sugarhigh" by Coyote Shivers

Thanks! Gr88 song

yeah sometimes reputations outlive their applications