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Wang's Upon a Time 15 Oct 20 10:48
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My new rescue cat, Ace, is jetting in on Saturday from Abu Dhabi to Heathrow.  He is a white and gingery brown tabby.

Everyone is VERY excited.   Except possibly the gerbils.  And the local songbirds.  And the mice.



I didn't vote for brexit so people like you could start shipping in rescue cats from other forrin countries

british cats for british people

The British rescue places for some reason do not allow families with children to rescue them.  And I am fckd if I am spaffing £10k for a pure bred lockdown retardocat

Hummm!  wink

Scylla has two Dubai cats that turned her into rampant cat woman... one of them in particular looks like a sphinx cat.

Bulgarian cats are closer of course....

What do you expect the cat to rescue you from?

I shall strap a small barrel of brandy round its neck in case I get snowed in inside the shed

Wtf is wrong with children having cats? That’s some stupid thought processes.

But also #britishcatsforbritishcatjobs (kidding). 

Flying in cats from Abu Dhabi? 

Think of the planet, and your local eco system m7

Cat's are vermin. Break out the spade.


The British rescue places for some reason do not allow families with children to rescue them

eh? what a weird rule

I think the flight would probably be going with or without the cat on board.  And I haven't flown anywhere since September 2018 so I am fairly carbon smug.

I though flying a dog in from Cyprus was pretty daft but as cat from Abu Dhabi trumps that I think. 

Same rule with dogs, rescue centres here are funny about children in the house. Our rescue came from Spain.

He looks like an absolute psycho.

Do you have to pay his air fare or do the rescue people do that?

I have deliberately not asked management this question.  

He looks like an absolute psycho.

Er, yeah.  He looks like a cat.

Oh I like cats (from a safe distance) Dusty.  But you have to admit they are all criminal masterminds.

Oh totally. BoyCat is a total teddybear but then he’ll kill something brutally. And it’s a bit...ooh there’s a whole other side to your adorable mewping and desperate need for cuddles/affection. He was laying on my chest this morning and I couldn’t help but think if I was mouse sized, I’d be toast. 

He looks like trouble. Love it. I bet he will be a fantastic family cat. 

wot pontefract and corona virus said. owning a cat will one day be as socially unacceptable as badger baiting - the amount of animal cruelty involved is about the same, the fact that owners don’t generally watch the torture and dismemberment of our small furry and feathered friends (generally only the cat takes the psychopathic and sadistic pleasure) does not make the owner less culpable- man up and take responsibility. 


Is this really the hill you want to die on, Bullace? 

happy to discuss anything which you think is incorrect duster!

Aside from the songbird carnage, I also object to neighbours’ cat shitting in my garden - my children should be able to play in the garden without risk of toxoplasmosis. 

Cats are Ace laugh

How do you feel about birds of prey Bullace, they kill more wildlife than cats

I think its good to educate your kids not to eat shit of any kind. There's plenty more than just cat shit in your back garden

Excellent news. I expect a Cat in the Workplace daily thread please. Is Ace starting as an associate or does he need to do the QLTT?

Or perhaps given his age it’ll get the LPC (legal practice for cats) first

Its a cat, I imagine he will expect nothing less than full equity, the Chairman role and lots of tins of whiskers.

Ace is an ace name for a cat.

I will name my next cat Ace.

Yeah I know, but I don't know the name for the £4000 a bag kobe beef and beluga whale biscuit food rolled on the thighs of virgins in Okinawa that we will no doubt be bankrupting ourselves with at Squires

I'm beginning to think I took advantage of Tamora, Jasper was free.

Wang, just snare some rabbits for it... it'll love you forever.

I am fairly sure rabbit snaring has been illegal for about 40 years.

Yay Wang. Congrats!

Ace looks like a typical UAE street type rescue which means he has a lot of Egyptian Mau cat in him.  If he is anything like my one they are AMAZING. However, please note these are desert dwelling cats and they don't have a lot of fur.  He will need to live inside during winter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egyptian_Mau

I hope you and Ace are very happy.

Bullace.  My cats are indoor cats only. 

They go outdoors on harnesses and leashes for a walk everyday, just like you would do if you owned a dog,  and as part of the new house build they will have a fully enclosed garden catio.

As usual the cat's aren't the problem...



Also.. it's actually reasonably cheap to fly a cat from the UAE to the UK.

For a bit it looked like Doggers might have to take mine for a couple months as I was struggling to find boarding for them before their flights to Oz... so I did look into the costs.. it's about $500 one way per cat. Assuming they have all the necessary vaccines already.

I didn't end up sending them to Doggers though because I knew I wouldn't get one of them back ...



Enormous ears and looks like he will murder you in the night.  He is a fine specimen Wango, congratulations to you and to Ace.  May the best "man" win.

My parents got a Romanian street dog. They don’t understand English so you have to teach them

My cat will not be going on a lead.  It will just have to man the fck up.

How could one justify having a house cat whilst buying organic free range chicken

You wanna check out Suki on Insta. That Bengal cat works very well on a lead. 

I follow Suki... mine basically do the same though I’ve not tried them out on water yet. 

heh wango, how much are you paying to have some scabby street stray flown from the desert to the UK? And you have the audacity to make gags about me having more money than sense.  Jebus.

The bit about them not giving cats to families with children might be for the cat's safety.

I caught my then five year old dragging the cat around the kitchen floor by its tail, all four paws spread out trying to get a grip on the tiles. It tended to avoid children after that. Bad news it probably thought. It was half right.

i dont think i have ever seen a cat on a lead, i imagine they look fed up.

Dont really see the point of cats and i do wish one would stop laying cable in my front garden, but without being too chambo, its all about the black lab

As said above DD, I have deliberately not enquired, but I don't think it is very much.  Would guess £100 for the vaccinations and neutering etc plus travel

Gosh cats are cheap , i think our dog was nigh on a grand 8 years ago

If it is less than a grand all in I will be amazed Wango! 


Dog sails have gone thru the roof.  Friends of ours paid the best part of £12k for a lab puppy.  It was of proper gundog stock (allegedly - there are a lot of machevellian breeders around) and they had never had a dog.  It bit the crap out of them and they were too snowflakey to train it properly so three weeks later it went back to the breeder for half the price.  I wonder how many more times he tries to sell it and takes it back?  Like Only fools with the necklaces and the ambulance.

Scylla is right about the weather though. At a minimum he will need some sort of coat if he is going outside in winter. The cats out here really aren't like your average British fur ball moggie, their coats are very thin.  

hahahahaahahahaahahaahaahahaahahaahahahaahaha!!!!!! at 12k for a fvcking labrador. Imagine the look on the breeder's face when he sold it to them.  It must have been like that Harry Enfield sketch with the stupid rich woamn and the chair! 

Basically every fckr has bought a puppy during lockdown, driving prices thru the roof.  Particularly parents with single children.

They have since bought him a pair of gerbils.

RollOnFridayPingu15 Oct 20 12:26

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My parents got a Romanian street dog. They don’t understand English so you have to teach them

Heh.  One of the 'zzettes m6s is a Cypriot bubble so we got her to talk to Buzzdog a few days after we adopted him.  He knew how to "sit" if he was told to in Greek

Genuine tea on screen at playftse4me


I have asked.  £200 including vacs, neutering and chipping.  Kittens on gumtree apparently start at about 250 sans all that.  The charity covers flight costs.

pretty sure it’s legal to snare rabbits!


I bet you keep cats let them breed and kick out their offspring without donating a penny

Right that is it.  Choose your weapon and call your second Sir! This is too much. I must have satisfaction.  You can call me a slave owner all you want but if you dare suggest I might be a fvcking cat person there will be blood I tell you! 

Buzz: my folks were asking it the usual Sit, Paw, Lie Down shiz until the penny dropped that she didn't have a clue what they was talking about.  Dad dealt with this in the traditional british way by just shouting the same words, just more loudly.

I can totally see you beanpoling your BFG way along with a totally lame chihuahua tbf catty.  Probably in some sort of jacket.  Maybe carried in your manbag...

Heh @ Pingu.  'zettes m7 just gave him normal Cypriot dog instructions in Greek




"Help Russians launder money through a complex web of offshore companies"

Its legal to snare rabbits and foxes if you are the landowner. You have to set the snare correctly of course.

Why would u admit to them that u have a family then

What are they going to do? Oh no the rescue home police are at the door and they have a warrant. 

What a cutie! I have to say I love our cats so much, everyone says how sociable they are and I think it’s because they’ve just had us around all the time having bought them in lockdown. Hope he has a lovely life. 

I always hated cats until Satan strolled into my life. I love him more than any pet I have ever had, even Lucy the psycho westie who hated everyone except me and my mum. 

Our cat woke the household last night again to be lifted 3 ft up to the foodbowl 

It scales 8 ft walls with ease

Bullace when I was a kid my friends loved coming round to my house as you might get to watch the cat crunching its way through a rabbit skull.  Early lesson in the laws of the jungle.

As others have said when I was a kid cat shit in the garden was the least of my worries as it was in a flower bed.  Far more likely to stand on a bee then fall into a pile of rancid blackberry induced fox shit.

Chambo if I did that to any of the cats I grew up with I’d now be known as One Handed Sails.

It is a fact universally acknowledged that cats are evil. 

And they sh*t in your garden.


Cute tho, wango.

Wang... Pls update on Ace's arrival!

How is the little dude?

He is doing fine - See other thread.  Already litter trained.

Very cool tiger stripage which I imagine is the desert cat thing.  Send me a mail and I will ping u a pic