happiness does not serve any anthropological purpose

the proof that god exists is the fact that both mankind and animals are able to feel happy

why does a whale or a dolphin frolic in the water, jump out of it for the sake of it? it serves no purpose, has nothing to do with procreation or finding food. they just enjoy the beauty of the world


A whale doesn't breach because it's happy......depending on the whale there are many functional reasons.


God exists in the domain of personal faith...

...otherwise not.

in any event, god is cool and is not cross when you're unsure about his existence

'Existence' = the miserable state of the UK from now until Russia invade.

you can break this down.

Happiness/contentment/exhileration releases endorphins?? Good for your health. Eases stresses, bad for health.

the enjoyment encourages the animal to behave in a way which induces the hormones. No different to having sense of taste, smell, sex, pleasant sensations encourage healthy behaviour.

how do you know theyre joyless? Only by applying human judgement, flawed.

highly evolved species ( ie not amoeba) have complex physiology and all independent behaviour gratifies some part of it.

I'd say happiness forms a critical purpose.

We do things that make us or we think will make us happy whether or not happiness is "real" or some sort of biological trick.  Generally* I'd say things that make us happy are good for the self and good for society.**


*There are of course exceptions both individually and in society.

**Wanking's got its own category