Hand Washing

Be honest prior to the great pandemic did you wash your hands every time you got home and every time you got off public transport?  Personally I didn’t.

No of course not 

I did wash them every time I went to the loo and before preparing food, and I suspect that is not true of the majority of people 

I wash my hands whenever I come in now but in truth, only because OH makes me 

Y'seen what doctors/nurses do when they're washing their hands? Like all the steps they follow and shit? 

Y'seen your regular member of the public wash their hands? They may as well not have bothered for all the difference it makes. 

I was taught to wash my hands by a nurse tho raddy so I do it properly 

Yes I did. It's a good way of preventing gastroenterological infections. 

Yes, I pretty much did though thankfully my contact with public transport was quite limited.

I pretty much always use the loo when I get home, so washing hands follows. 

I also think a quick wash is still considerably better than no wash at all.... at least I hope so because I’m definitely not hitting the twenty seconds rule. 


I do normally wash my hands after a wee (except for in the night) and after a poo (except where I’m confident enough that it has been absolutely clean and gamble without a wipe). 

Every time?  No, but probably did it about 95% of the time when returning home, and about 70% of the time when reaching the office.  Had a child in ICU once so sort of got into a good habit that stuck.

After bog and before preparing food for others only 

I am getting noticeably lazier if I’ve just popped out to a local shop and only briefly crossed paths with a couple of people.

Yes i did

and i have a good death stare for those that sneeze into their hands 

I prefer to sneeze violently into space so I’ll be ok then.

Yeah when I used to commute I'd normally wash my hands when I got to the office or returned home.

Just because of all the filthy bastards coughing, sneezing, farting, jizzing and god knows what else all over the train carriages.

I have WFH for 2 years now and haven't had a single bug, whereas I got 2 or 3 a year working in offices.  

Yeah because I would do a wee and wash my hands and get changed out of out of house clothes