Half blood moon

A thread about not appreciating things (or, conversely I suppose, a thread about appreciating things). 

Anyone see this last night? I was doing a fair bit of pottering outside late on last night and noticed the moon was back. It’s been quite low recently and not visible where I am. 

I also noticed it was huge, bright red and the top half was missing but didn’t think anything of that, my brain forcing me to normalise something I knew wasn’t ordinary. More pottering and I then spotted the ISS (I assumed) overhead, and was joined by a bat and a nearby owl who also seemed to appreciate things. Once inside to google the ISS passes this month I realised I’d been watching a lunar eclipse with realising it. 

I actually bought myself a basic telescope earlier this year to look at this sort of stuff but since then the weather has been crap and I’ve never used it. Last night would have been ideal. That was annoying.

I then stayed up till two reading - Jnr G is on medication every hours so stayed up for the 2am batch. I woke up for 6am batch and have been staring at the ceiling since then. This is the fourth night of this. I’m so tired everything has trails, and now I’ve got to go to fecking work. 


Not sure what the point of all this is really. Ho hum.


Not sure what all that is about to be honest. Think I’m on here too much atm tbh

I think you're in for a 4 coffee kind of morning 

sounds awesome


I was abroad recently and saw a bright "star" looking object very close to the moon. Googled it and realised it was Saturn. Slightly blew my mind. 

"The universe is the unity of all things. If one recognizes his identity with this unity, then the parts of his body mean no more to him than so much dirt, and death and life, end and beginning, disturb his tranquillity no more than the succession of day and night."

Chuang Tzu 

Also saw it - love this stuff.  Was also joined by bats.

I think the point of this is that you took a moment to experience something in a different way from that you anticipated.

I like these kinds of posts :)

I suppose this is what they mean by mindfulness.  over the last few years I have very conciously made an effort to appreciate everyday nature where I live.  

would be such a waste not to given how fckg much it costs to live in the south east...

speaking of which, 2 chaffinches on one of the feeders

ZG I saw this too and observed that more and more of the top half of the moon appeared through the evening and the colour changed from blood red to the normal white as it became full.

I though it very weird but didn't twig it was a partial eclipse. Makes sense now obvs!

I still feel fvcking knackered. I had a two hour internal bollock talking meeting this morning. Christ.