Ha ha ha Hartlepool

Tories almost twice the Labour vote!

The infighting on the guardian comments has already started

Gonna be fun to watch as the left starts slagging off the voters! 

Crypto to be clear, it's the metro centrists who slag off the voters. Proper lefties understand the reasons for this.

Tend to agree. But not the nouveau socialists like Russell moyle

Fair point. Sadly Labour is dominated by the metro mob. 

What a disgusting comment. How wonderful that all the votes count equally

Not really Lib Dem territory cockpit. I was sad to see the Monster Raving Lonny Party being over shadowed. Dark days for the party. Time for a new strategy. 

Lol it’s actually quite sweet that so many within Labour think that with a hardcore lefty leader (who at the same time embraces metro woke values) they would be back at the races. 

Loony candidates always had class. Agree wilf 2019 went so well with Corbyn.

It is fascinating how Victorian politics is repeating itself - queen and country flag waving Toryism succeeds in winning working class votes led by a greasy pole climbing egoist Johnson is just the new Disraeli- the opposition need a new Gladstone

They've learned nothing. Still calling them thick racists. 


WhY WoN'T tHeY Do WHaT i wANt? 


the main oddity of this is that hartlepool didn’t go tozza in the 2019 election

when the red wall came down, based on the reasons for it and hartlepool’s demographic, i would have thought it would have been blue two years ago

Johnson likes to think himself a Churchill but he is more a Disraeli. Article in economist on that 27th march 2021. 

It's because the Brexit Party split the vote in '19. Combined, the Tories and Tice achieved 25,000 to Labour's 15,000. 

Delphi 2019 had the Brexit Party splitting the Tory vote in Hartlepool. Think Richard Tice was the candidate. They'd have lost otherwise.

Turnout looks absolutely tiny this time, no?

There's an independent who got 2000+ votes, wonder what his/her beef is.

Oracle Richard Tice effectively won Hartlepool for the tozzas in 2019. I think it was the best brexit party showing anywhere. It’s not a surprise the tozzas won, more the margin.

We've already had the new Gladstone, his name is A C L Blair.

Remember when Peter Mandelson was the MP for Hartlepool?

Bet he had a deep affinity with his constituency.


that’s some rapid fire responses from roffers!

i feel bombarded by tice, which is pretty repellent

so overall that makes it sound like a massive non-story. in fact, a brexit p/tozza p combo vs now the tozzas seem to have had their position eroded based on projections?

Do you think Blair would do better now laz. I voted for Blair in 97 ultimately disappointed by him, but i think times have changed. He has more gravitas than starmer but political currents have changed since 97.

It’s not really a north south thing, Blair’s government was very good for northern cities, its metro forgotten part urban/town thing. The affluent countryside which i am from generally was always Tory. 

rex, I've a mate from Hartlepool. Mandelson was a popular MP there. He actually did a lot for Hartlepool, lots of regeneration etc. 



"the tozzas seem to have had their position eroded"

Not unusual for an incumbent government, but yes, they've reason to be slightly disappointed.

That said, plenty of older working-class Brexit voters still won't ever vote for the party of Thatcher. 

Rex i can remember Mandelson walking into a local chip pie and seeing the mushy peas asking for guacamole.

grandson of Herbert Morrison. Labour have always had a mix of working class and posh intellectuals. Although not sure Mandy was that intellectual.

Not sure thatcher casts that shadow anymore 3dux. She’s been gone for over thirty years politically. The shadow of thatcher has been eclipsed by the north London metro elite not being them and looking down on them.

’Rex i can remember Mandelson walking into a local chip pie and seeing the mushy peas asking for guacamole.‘

that didn’t actually happen though

Maybe for youngsters, but the chippiness of the older voter fades slowly. 

Yes just post jy.  I only found that out via the beauty of google just now.

The guacamole thing was hilarious. Of course it wasn't true. The point is, it had the ring of truth. And that was far more damaging. 

Fair enough Bentines, I just imagine most of these parachuted-in London types looking at a map and wondering where their own constituencies are.

Mr C I want to know what happened when they proceeded to pour gravy on his chips (as they should).

File under ‘David Mellor in Chelsea away kit getting his toe sucked’

nor actually true but felt true

I actually like gravy on chips with a pie, but find it disgusting with fish and chips. Gravy in fish & chips seems a very a northern, well not from the part of the West Country i am from. Maybe a poor reflection on me.

as dux says its something you could imagine Mandy saying.

Student years in Manchester left me wedded to chips and gravy, with haddock. Cannot be enjoyed any other way.

Tried ordering that in Reading and got "we're not northern you know".

gravy on chips is rank - as is curry sauce - and, as seen in northern curry houses, curry with chips instead of rice or chapati. heathens. 

do northern chippys still use beef dripping rather than vegetable oil?

Er no, you are objectively wrong about curry sauce on chips 

South - vinegar

Midlands - curry sauce

North - gravy

East Yorks - chip spice

Students - cheese

Scotland - no idea


Mr Charrington07 May 21 07:42

Not really Lib Dem territory cockpit

In 2005 the LDs came 2nd with 30%.  Their decline has been spectacular.

Is there a difference also in the understanding on the term 'fish cake' also? Local chippies would sell fish cakes as a breaded fish sort of combo. In the North when I ordered it was always literally a cake of fish.

I dont get curry sauce on chips. 

16 years Year of the Pig is a long time. I accept your point but I was more looking at the last few recent elections. I doubt the Lib Dems spent any money on this election especially given it voted nearly 70 percent leave. 

Rex - south west here and it’s vinegar AND curry sauce 

Crowley that might explain why every chippy in Devon has gravy on the menu

Crawley I am from Somerset and we didn't have gravvy with fish and chips. Well not in my day. Devon is f**king weird anyway but not as weird as the Cornish :-)




Dude, he's not "criticising political beliefs", he's mocking poor people.

Jesus with supporters like that labour is truly down the shitter for a generation. Utter stupidity from someone with a Desmond in critical theory from goldsmiths. These people are the scum.

Of course,  the Tories never mock poor people, who could possibly imagine the Eton clique/Bullingdon club that so dominate the Tory party doing such a thing?

Yes Guy but you expect nothing less from them. Anyone tweeting in the manner above has no business being associated with the labour party

'Progressives' absolutely despise the working classes g'wan. Certainly since July 2016. It's all over.

Billy Connolly once summed it up, along the lines of “I get on fine with the working class and the upper class - it’s those khunts in the middle.”


"Was Tecco the manager for the LibDem campaign?"

No, he was just boffing Layla Moran.

"'Progressives' absolutely despise the working classes g'wan. Certainly since July 2016. It's all over."

They absolutely do 

the left now basically does not see class as significant - everything is identity politics 

No, he was just boffing Layla Moran

I thought she was only into pans? 

Heh @ Blue Iguana

tbf they could stand to smarten themselves up a bit, they have M&S up north I hear 

And ex-SBS, Ferrari-driving fantasists who invent cheese, apparently.

Tbf the Lib Dems are also terrible, with the vote winning strategy of instructing people not to vote for them