Gym - safe to start?

What are you folks doing about gymming - was regular until March. Since then, exercise has sufered significantly - not a fan of running.

Was thinking of restarting this week, but unsure now...

Cycling, turbo trainer, rowing machine, home weights, sucking it up and running anyway 


External gym or home gym?

if home, encumbered or gidge free prime real estate?

also if home, describe 2E set-up.

many thanks.

My gyms been closed since feb. Sucks.

I've switched to cycling and swimming. 

Been going to the gym since they opened. It’s fine.

Thanks - can never motivate myself to consistently do something taxing at home.

Can't imagine swimming would have much of a better/worse risk profile than gym tho.

Been back at the yoga studio twice a week for at least a month. Unlike a gym you are not touching the same equipment, but you are breathing heavily for up to 90 minutes next to the same people, even if they are at least 2m away.

Been going since it's reopened. I mean of all places, your gym is going to know who has been inside at one date/time to help with track and trace since generally you have to swipe in to get a workout.

Tons of cleaners, people are social distancing, and generally using a gym is good for both physical and mental health.

Go back!

Also I'm sure it may have happened somewhere, but to my knowledge there hasn't been a covid outbreak traced back to a gym yet.

What Canadian said. I’m enjoying being back, just this week and it is all very spaced out and clean. I’m going to classes this weekend. I’d like to get back to hot yoga but not sure yet.... Sauna isn’t open but wouldn’t use it for now anyway

  • How the fuck do you just stop for half a year?
  • What Merkx said. 
  • It was obvious what was happening so I took rapid executive decisions and created a fully functioning home set up. 

Yeah it's absolutely fine. Been back since they reopened. Everyone cleaning equipment before and after using it, sanitizer everywhere and a better cleaning regime from the gym itself as well. Most socially distancing, some in masks (not for me that).

Been going at odd times, like 11am and 2pm, so it's been pretty empty on top of the above.

There’s a gym in my building. They’ve instigated a masks at all times policy. Place is deserted now. 

Im pretty compliant about masks but who can wear one while panting and sweating in the gym!?

Right - that's it: going to gym today.


Per month = £60

12 month contract = £40 per month.

If I will still be using for 8 months from now, makes sense to get the year contract; what are the chances we'll be going back to central london office 3 days a week, 8 months from now...?


Been swimming since the first day the gym opened again in July. Pretty much as safe as it gets, covid-wise, seeing as the pool is chlorinated and chlorine kills the virus.

60 per month or 40 on a yearly contract though (which depends on the question "what are the chances one will be back to office 3 times a week in 8 months)

Actually I did a lot of walking with friends in the beautiful green spaces where I live.

Do you do an awful lot of that hyoobert or are you more a being alone in his garage sort of man?

This is a great time to join a gym near home rather than office, I did that when I started wfh ten years ago and have masses of friends locally, has transformed my life.

I just turned up at the local gym for a swim.  Was nekked in the cubicle and trying to put my trunks on when I realised I had accidentally taken the trunks of my 9 year old son.  Only realised when I couldn't get both legs in, svelte as I am.  Mission abort.  

  • Your modest 4-bed house is near a football pitch, is it, strutter?

I don't think there is a house in SE England which is not within a 15 minute walk of a football pitch tbf

wang, were you not supposed to arrive "pool ready" so you can strip off pool side?


or do you go to a fancy baths?

Yeah it's called the Roman Chariot Baths near vauxhall

I feel safe in the gyms I have been to recently. I'm going to rejoin a gym in the next week or two. Probably Virgin so I can use one in the City as well as one near home. I might try (probably unsuccessfully) to negotiate the price down a bit since some of their clubs aren't open and so some of the classes aren't available - e.g. Mansion House is closed and with it the pool and reformer pilates studio.

The times I have been to my current gym (Third Space) since it reopened in late July it has been almost completely empty. I do wonder whether their pre-Covid membership structure is in any way sustainable. The are so far refusing to offer any sort of flexible membership and they must be haemorrhaging members.

I'm at an anytime fitness and the gym members are all pretty good about wiping down after use. I mean it could be more thorough but no one is going to spend twenty seconds wiping down are they. I don't.