Gym Hedz

Interested to know thoughts on respectable 1RMs to aim for over the rest of the year, in terms of bodyweight I guess as doesnt make sense otherwise.


I am focussing on:


Squats (proper squats below parallel) 


Military press


I am also wondering about including cleans...and one day when I am feeling confident ill get on to snatches (you're welcome)

Although my gym attendance is a matter of public record I am afraid that I don’t understand what almost all of that means, otherwise I would be delighted to assist.

Curiously enough I did try yoga a couple of times, but an old (and multiply operated on) rugby injury made it difficult so I stopped that.

oooh, sounds like you're doing 5x5. I've been doing this for about 18months with varying degrees of commitment. Not quite answering the question, but should give you a feel for whats normal

Squat - 120kgs

deadlift - 120kgs

row - 95kgs

bench - 67.5kgs

military press (i actually use dumbells) - 22kgs each side

I'm 80kgs and 6'3"


yeah I started on 5x5 with an empty bar but it was sooo booring I ended up adapting it as I am more interested in bringing up my squat and deadlift than anything else. 

Are those the numbers you are on now?



yeah. I could have made more progress, on squat but my back is really not happy at the heavier weight so i'm adding more reps. plus, my jeans dont fit any more

deadlift the problem i have is my grip giving up. I could use straps but i'd like to strengthen my grip for Jiu Jitsui so its good training

as for bench, its probably by far my weakest and i've made very VERY little progress on that . I was probably doing about 60kgs a year ago, but every time i get to 70kgs i wind up injuring myself

Id say for bench spend a lot of time on dumbells and pullovers that built mine up when it used to be half decent 


Id be very happy to get up to 120k 5 x 5 on squat its by far my weakest!


I have bascically ditched most of the program and now alternate squats and deads every other day which is alot but I am enjoying it. It was very hard not to take bigger jumps at the outset though, less so now!

I only do lifting for general fitness rather than looking for bulk so quite happy squatting and deadlifting 70/80kg.  Struggle a bit with heavy squats because one ankle doesn't bend properly and heel lifts off the floor if I try a deep squat.

i have almost zero bulk and am still skinny as f*ck...which is a little irritating

i think my squat is strong due to years of rowing

I did a bench program called Blast your bench a while back


It basically involved doing lots of 5s, 4s triples doubles and singles, 3 or 4 times a week


I think it was only 6 weeks or so but it was impressive if you really want to focus on bench.

I went from a 1RM of about 90 to 120kg and Im 5'10 80kg 

summersails - have you tried a really wide stance with feet turned out - dont care what other people say that is how a lot of people deep squat - if you check out AthleanX on youtube he has some really good explanatory videos on this

Arch had a wonky ankle for 8 years and tried most things but I can only get so far before my heel lifts up because of the restricted range of motion.

I have a similar issue.  Tore ligaments on both sides of the ankle and it restricts range.  Turning feet outwards and wide stance helps significantly but with heavy weight does put pressure on the knee and I sometimes lose form which could damage my back.  I never really squat above 80 - 90% bodyweight and just keep the reps up.  Not ideal but I'm 40 and I can live with it.