Guys, guys, guys...

What have I missed?? 


laugh / 



Hey stru, what’s new? 


Ha! I’m a poet - and I wasn’t aware of that beforehand... 

Certainly I’ve been away long enough that RoF deleted my account... those gorgeous ba$tards. 


Not much has changed.

ROF regenerated into the epic, forward-looking, technologically-leading nu-ROF you now see before you. It's now run on the half a hamster they kind of salvaged and are keeping alive from the old-ROF server.

There was much outing of Laz on old-ROF which led to many boycotting old-ROF in response to P&M doing fvck all about it to address the outing and trolling. I ditched posting on old-ROF at this time precisely because the outing (particularly of ROF and ROF's refusal / failure to deal with it and particularly the repeated outing of Laz).

Someone then set up an alternative site (LawBla1) around this time. (It wasn't me, but cookie still likes to troll saying it was). LawBla1 was mysteriously ended and someone else (not me either) set up LawBla2. Nu-ROF launched. Over time (no idea now - probably about 3-4 months or so) almost all those who were on LawBla 1 then 2 and said they weren't coming back to ROF have now come back. It's' all relatively good here now and much better than it was on old-ROF.

I just started re-posting on nu-ROF 'cos it seemed the trolling and outing had dialled down massively - never, ever posted on LawBla 1 or 2 or had anything at all to do with either.

Soz to go on, and don't want to feed anyone who detracts from what this place should be, but that's the main stuff.

Thanks, buddy! Glad to hear it all seems to have worked out in the end. I always thought of Laz as more of an existential concept than a man, to be honest. Like gravity. Or plums. 

Nu-RoF seems cool. Looks like they gave up on the training board though which is a shame. 

No worries.

Yeah - the Training Board a sentimental loss, but tbh it was pretty dead on old-ROF and was completely dead on nu-ROF until they pulled it.