Guess who I drove past on the way home yesterday?

Was is someone famous who's also banned from driving at the moment?  If that did happen would you report them?

It was a man. I also sometimes see him in my local Tesco.

To the best of my knowledge, he is not, and never has been, banned from driving. 

Not Jamie Dornan, though I did see his sister in the local garage last month.

Not Gerry Adams. My dad once took a piss beside him in the Waterfront.

Your dad is a protestant?

I believe they call that the pees process.

I saw Hugh Dennis on a Boris Bike near St Bride's yesterday.

I saw Caroline Lucas get out of a taxi in Manchester. If she was really that fvcking green she would have walked.

No, I don't think Mike Tyson has ever been to Belfast.

I believe they call that the pees process.



nod at that one

No seriously, is he from the Republic or form Northern Ireland?

From NI.

None of the above. Though (relatively) close with one of them.

This is nails. I'm all out of retired N Irish sportsmen.

Darren Clarke?

He only drives German cars*

Also not from NI




*this may not be true

Dennis Taylor! I said that!

Are you purposefully ignoring me, Judy!?

Not Eddie Irvine. Again, I don’t see him in a Hyundai Tucson. 

Are you sretching this out for a tun?


It was Holmes wasn't it!

No although I was once on a conveyancing course with DH. 

This is going to be something obscure, like the 1993 County Antrim marbles semi-finalist, isn't it?

I once encountered Alex Higgins at an all night garage. He was trying to inflate a lilo.