Guardian university tables

Nottingham Trent above LSE. WTF

how come the top ranking ones get away with "n/a" on several columns and the guardian gives them a 100 ranking anyway?

fuck thaaaat

its theguardian trying to prove their woke credentials to their woke readership

Loads of nonsense degrees all over the place these days I'm afraid.

These league tables are not worth the paper that they are no longer written on.

"Harper Adams at 27"

That seems fair. As an ag college it's always going to be below the "proper" universities. Are you suggesting it should be higher? 

I thought Loughborough was where the sporty thickos went.

 Has that changed? They appear to be a top 10 outfit these days.   

I think they've just upped the positive score weighting of the sporty thickos criterion.

it isnt that surprising that the Guardian likes Cambridge, it has been quite famously full of left wing extremists for yonks

PS loughboro would have been ace in the mid 90s.

It was - I visited sporty thicko friends there and had epic times.