Growth under Labour

Despite lacking the funds to make significant additional public investments currently, isn’t it obvious that having a government comprised of actual grown ups is in itself going to increase confidence and productivity?

Yes fewer idiots and less performative difference with our closest trading partner to keep those same idiots should help

Plus fewer people who resent the very existence of the people who run their departments ofc

also as if productivity and growth are about “working harder”

in first world economies growth is all about TPE and velocity of money dip shitt

Yes absolutely to OP

That's the point a lot of people (who don't understand economics, aka Tory ministers) were missing - confidence in a stable govt means economic growth for developed nations 

We are already seeing deal flow increase 

We are already seeing confidence in the sensible, mature and clever govt 

You don't need massive policies changes (although labour already doing very well on that front), sometimes you just need a change in confidence 

Britain has massive stifled growth potential being completely blocked by planning law (and other related restrictions) that make it close to impossible for the private sector to make meaningful investments. 

We can get so much so easily by just unlocking that process and allowing the growth that wants to happen, to happen. 

I am not hugely confident Labour will actually be as bold as they need to be on this though, despite their rhetoric. But any improvement will help. 

What pancakes said and yes, provided labour doesn't do anything daft on corporation tax the UK should now very much be back in its traditional role of being a beacon of stable government, reasonable taxes for business and dependable rule of law. 

Plus Starmer can go back to the EU and say (at least behind closed doors) look I know Brexit is a clusterfvck of monumental stupidity and I'm sorry about that but it is what it is and it's in everyone's interests to find workable solutions to make the relationship better.  The Tories just couldn't credibly do that. 

The Tories had to keep fvckwits like Rees Mogg and Cash happy. That meant reduced growth in the name of ideology

With that lot gone it’s like taking the handbrake off

Problem is everything Labour has announced is basically doubling down on the existing discretionary planning system. They might have more officers and more pressure on decision making, but they're basically committed to reinforcing the problems. 

There's no indication they'll swap to what we need, which is a switch to a strict rules-based system. 

Great column in The Times today on the absolutely shocking corruption that our discretionary system produces:…

“I don’t like these designs — I think the main material should be rust-coloured metal.”

I had so much of this building my place including a debate with a conservation officer about why a 16th century barn should not have the 1930's Crittal windows she liked.

Disagree that you can completely remove discretion from the planning system.  No strict set of rules can sufficiently deal with the complexities of planning without unintended consequences.

No but you can remove a lot of the current discretion which comes from information being distributed as policy and guidance.   There is a policy which provides for no development within 15m of an ancient woodland which was used against me trying to install solar panels but according to the site it is just:

"the Natural England and Forestry Commission ‘standing advice’ for ancient woodland, ancient trees and veteran trees. It is a material planning consideration for local planning authorities (LPAs)."

The panels are a temporary structure mounted on screws in the ground and there was no excavation that might damage tree roots and they cause no disturbance to the animals in the ancient woodland yet the council would not deviate from the 15m element and would only approve the panels if they were 15m out into the field from the edge of the wood.  Clearly there should be something that says this only applies to development that comprises building and not to sustainability measures.

They're all fooking morons, that's the point. 

Investment in Britain is completely contingent on the discretionary whims of a succession of people of completely arbitrary quality and consistency, from planning officers up to councillors all the way up to government minister. 

We are already seeing confidence in the sensible, mature and clever govt 

I want them to do well, but they've been in 4 days FFS.

None of the structural problems have gone away, the budget they're committed to sticking to was a hugely unrealistic bear trap which the Tories have even admitted and they've boxed themselves in on tax increases.  Relaxing planning laws is hugely unpopular with the blue wall they've just inherited on tiny majorities so unless they can convince the newbies to be one term barries for the good of the nation I'm not sure where growth is coming from. 

You With The Face08 Jul 24 12:16

Relaxing planning laws is hugely unpopular with the blue wall they've just inherited on tiny majorities so unless they can convince the newbies to be one term barries for the good of the nation I'm not sure where growth is coming from. 


on the budget/ tax rises I think they will just trot out the line that the Tories have fcuked everything and we need to do x,y,z to effect drastic change and prevent the country from collapsing. Tories are likely to be in Leadership contest mode and unable to effectively respond to that narrative. 

on Growth, agree, more tricky, and it is not just a planning issue (if at all, plently of builders sitting on brownfield permissioned sites), it's a labour (and the wage inflation) lack of labour for building/electrican/plumbling etc services causes, the effect 3 years of runaway inflation has had on building supplies, the lack of investment in infrastructure and the bottleneck of trying to import anything for outside the uk 

I doubt many people on long term sick are going to be pushing wheel barrows of concrete even if labour do get them into work 

so they probably need to tackle these unpopular things early if they are serious about the change and renewal they trumpetted otherwise they'll get just end up shuffling around looking at the floor for five years like the tories did 

Wonck the trouble is that the local officers seem to parrot the policy as though it were a totally inflexible rule not helped by the Woodland Trust sending a copy and paste objection letter which referred to nonsense like the noise disturbance to wildlife during the operational phase of the development.