Grooming vulvodynia problem

Hairyness the way to go

Scientists  suggest being hairless, which they said is becoming more common, leaves the skin more exposed to friction which can lead to swelling complications

Isn't this something that British Cycling have known for years?

What possible advantage does an aerodynamic mimsy give you in cycling?

Their point was you don't need an aerodynamic mimsy and all shaving does is increase the risk of infection caused by chafing,

Ok, understood.  Especially when you're sat for hours on a saddle which has all the cushioning properties of a razor-edged breeze block. 

TBH I'm surprised that any woman cyclist who wants a bald fou-fou actually needs to shave.

what the magnificent seven said


this was all over the press as part of their coverage of the marginal gains etc etc etc


Although if Vicky P wants to show me her shaven haven, then so be it.

Wax shaft, sac, crack, trim pubes but leave enough length to stay silky.  Apply tea tree oil.  Wait at least 24 hours before exercise to avoid chafing.  Boxers to ensure temp control.  Have not noticed any additional swelling - maybe need more exercise!  Do agree that French knickers and stockings and suspenders (no - on the opposite sex)  are healthier though.

Cannot cope with a modern cycle seat though.  Why design a seat that requires cyclists to wear gel pads in their pants? - Of course, additional products to sell!