Grieve's amendment blocked by Bercow

There will be no power to prevent proroguing parliament . 


Hard Brexit here we come...

nah, he is just clinging to the hope that Hunt might get in. 

If the vote had passed it would have been great ammunition for BoJo’s election campaign. 

Grieve’s amendment not selected by Eleanor Laing, deputy speaker


There, fixed it for you

Not what it says here matey:


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Bercow blocks vote on amendment intended to stop next PM proroguing parliament for no-deal

Andrew Sparrow

Andrew Sparrow

Good Afternoon. I’m Andrew Sparrow, taking over from Sarah Marsh, who has been writing the blog this morning.

Quite soon MPs will start the second and final day’s debate on the Northern Ireland (executive formation) bill.

As Seth Jacobson reports, the Tory pro-European Dominic Grieve tabled an amendment intended to ensure that the next prime minister could not prorogue parliament in September and October to stop MPs blocking a no-deal Brexit.

But it has just emerged that John Bercow, the Speaker, is not calling the amendment, which means it will not be put to a vote.

  • Bercow blocks vote on amendment intended to stop next PM proroguing parliament for no-deal.

Gosh I remember dancing with Eleanor Laing once about 20 years ago.

Ah, that makes sense Elfffi. 

Mr Sparrow should really clarify that the Bercow announcement that he isn't chairing this (I thought an odd and pointed point to make) is very directly related to which amendments got picked.

Has the amendment extending Equal Marriage to Northern Ireland in the event they fail to convene their Assembly been adopted?

Parliament is not going to let itself be “prorogued”. If Johnson tried it, Parliament would rent a convention centre from regus for the weekend, meet anyway, no-conf Johnson, pass an act of attainder on him and his entire family and ban no deal brexit forever.

They probably would, but then there would be a Peasants' Revolt.

No, there very wouldn’t, as you know.

there would be.a few grumpy northerners, but nothing to be concerned about. 

So what just passed then? Absolutely shameful that so many Tory scum voted against this. 

3Dux would be at the front of the Brexiteers given it large to the Bizzies. Come on if you think are hard enough.

they’d riot for about eight minutes then get out of breath and need to sit down angrily

Fie!  We've seen what a terrifying prospect Brexiteers are when they are angry, organised and amply supplied with roubles!


Heh @ the purposeful guy at the front who looks like he's been c'n'pd from World of Warcraft