Great but forgotten TV shows

Crime Story (late 80s with Dennis Farina)


There was a thing called 'A Very Peculiar Practice' on sometime back then. Ostensibly about a doctors surgery.

It scored high in the surreal stakes..

I remember that quite well chambers - I think I was too young for it really but used to watch in my bedroom

About a doctors surgery at a university if I recall - Warwick I think

Yes, it was centred around Warwick, but such a madcap cast of characters. It got into some list of top British sitcoms.

I just thought either these writers are on LSD or someone has spiked my drink.

Yes was quite raunchy for its time too I think 

Killer Net - 4 episode series on Channel 4 in 1998 starring Paul Bettany. 

Never seen it shown again. 

I can remember ''A Very Peculiar Practice'. The writer was a lecturer once at Warwick but they wanted to film it at UEA who refused and it was filmed at Birmingham and Keele Unis (found via Wikipaedia).

Tripods. Ironically I do not think they ever made a third series.

All Creatures Great And Small


End of thread.


(it's on youtube and it's still brilliant)

Trouble is quite a lot of 'old' programmes have elements that would now be considered too politically incorrect!

What DID happen at the End of Mysterious Cities of Gold? We missed it. 


(imagine not knowing the ending of something because you slept in, or went on holiday!)

Nobody has forgotten all creatures CV, it is one of the best known programmes of the 80s!

Chocky. Chocky’s children. Unbelievably scary for kids tv. Theme tune sends shivers up the spine 

Dear John.


John Sullivan sitcom about the same time as he was scoring hits with OFAH and Just Good Friends, which means this one gets overlooked.  But a great set of background characters.


In a similar vein, Ever Decreasing Circles was a work of art.


From the kids' TV world, I'm just about old enough to remember Tomfoolery, a surreal set of Rankin Bass cartoon skits based on the poetry of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear.  So wish that would get a re-issue, there are only vague hints of how mad it was on youtube.  Animation was done by Halas & Batchelor, who had done the 1984 film a couple of decades earlier (the one with Maurice Denham doing all the voices and the changed ending).

Manimal was awesome

There was a brilliant sitcom with Robert bathurst called love hurts which I think I am the only person to have watched

The bill - every single episode was brilliant

Butterflies is a really old comedy that was great back in the day and of course the good life

Italian political drama 1992, 1993 and 1994

Sci Fi: Firefly

Police : Between the lines

Legal : Silk

Solicitors:  Trust (actually it is rightfully forgotten - a total turd of a show as you would expect of tv drama about corporate law)

Now that I look it up there are three versions. The one I remember from being a kid is the nineties one.

+1 for Mysterious Cities of Gold. That was excellent.

And to answer a question above, at the end both the goodies and the baddies made it inside the city, but it was destroyed by their rapaciousness. A lesson for us all!

This Life.

The only program to make trainee lawyers look cool.

It could have run and run. Strangely, few of the cast had long careers.

Jack Davenport, Jason Hughes and Andrew Lincoln appear to have done alright for themselves

The men seemed to have bigger careers than the women. I wonder why. 

The barrister woman has done pretty ok I think 

Sci-Fi: Blakes 7

Sitcom: Becker

Drama: House of Cards (Ian Richardson original)

I had forgotten what a big thing crappy American imports were in the 80s dominating prime time - Dynasty, Dallas, Heart to Heart, Beverly Hills, Baywatch, A Team etc etc etc.   Must have been an easy time to be British TV exec.

Guy, surely it's Hart to Hart (or you miss the pun)?

Test cards: the reason they existed, I am told, is that when tv repair men came to your house to 'mend your tv set' they sometimes had to adjust the colour tones etc., so needed some sort of technicoloured test signal during the times of day that there was no conventional programming on air.

The adventure game

the great egg race

capita city