Grand Boucle 2019
a perfectly no… 26 Jun 19 10:47
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Who is excited? ME

Can you tell me what it is and then I can decide whether I will be excited or not.

The Tour de France is the most storied of road cycling's three multi-week, stage-based "grand tours", and is generally considered the highest prize in world cycling.

And that’s the same as this boucle thing then is it?

Absolutely not excited. Road cycling at all levels appears to be for wankers.

I am ad idem with m'learned friend stix on this

Great TV watching, esp when they go up climbing into the high mountains.

Some of the views in the recent Tour de Suisse were incredible.

C'mon G!

It's kind of snuck up on me this year, but yes looking forward to it.  Good to see a return of the team TT.