Grace Blakeley on Politics Live

Woof. Bet she's not an alt-right TERF.

I r8 her. But I know what you mean, she does that slightly Machiavellian look about her (in a good way) 

How does she get these gigs and why do people want to listen to her...

...she has f*ck all experience - uni, one year wafting around KPMG and then straight into pontificating about things she read about in her twitter bubble.

Other than that, she is fab.

very attractive private school and Oxford educated young woman lands good job non shocka.

They need more diversity. How about hiring an Icelandic lesbian (ex) spy?

It's not really a good job is it...'s a platform to preach whatever brainfart the IPPR are funded to support.


except the fab bit she is dreadful and a momentum grande vache

and as for the how, because stupid old men want to bang her

why can't they want to bang an actual economist? idk

and as for the how, because stupid old men want to bang her

can confirm

but she did get a first in PPE so y'know she is observably, demonstrably and objectively BETTER than other, lesser, people.

a first now is like a 3rd in the mid-noughties

she can fuck off

Not a bad singer.

She’s a bit old school Marxist though. There’s not much novel or radical in what she says. It is refreshing to have someone on the left who’s economically literate though. 

That does make a change. Plus wood etc obv. 

Do you think Clergs would also go green if placed next to Ash Sakar? 

She’s not economically literate though. Her conversation with Michael Portillo went:

Grace: austerity is like when a pub is losing money so sells its tables and chairs

 Michael: so what you’d like to see is like a family who can’t pay its debts but keeps borrowing more and more

Grace: government isn’t like the private sphere though

Michael: you just said it was

She's no more than an over confident spoiled brat who wants attention for supposedly sticking up for people she has never bothered to interact with

I can see her point re a nation state can't be wound-up as such, so needs to be put into something more like administration or chapter 11. However, if we go with that analogy, is she then saying that the answer is to put magic grandad behind the bar who will dispense free  beer to the proletariat? Because I can see a flaw in that recovery plan.

still a babe tho