GP appointments and telephone service

For days I have been calling at 8am on the second to get an appointment and the number is permanently engaged , how can that be unless hundreds are calling at the same time ? I even call 30 seconds before 8 and am told the surgery is closed . Anyone know in what order telephone calls are routed to the destination number etc ?

How urgently do you need an appointment?

I usually phone mine mid-afternoon and get through no problem and make an appointment for a couple of weeks time.

Well the last time I went it was to check out a lump on my shoulder and a strange sensation just under my ribs every now and then but neither seemed like it was going to kill me in a couple of weeks.  One was a harmless cyst and the other was just my gall bladder objecting to rich food and booze on holiday.

My GP is a 5 minute walk away. On occasion when I need to see someone and can get out I've gone there for 8am and they can't not serve you when you're standing right in front of them. Boom. Appointment.

clubbers I did that but no joy, in total I dialled 47 times this morning. I sent them an email and I got a call 10 minutes later offering me an appointment for 5 today, and they are going to set me up with the app as well.


And I couldnt be arsed to do a walk in as they expressely say no walk ins.