GP appointments and telephone service

For days I have been calling at 8am on the second to get an appointment and the number is permanently engaged , how can that be unless hundreds are calling at the same time ? I even call 30 seconds before 8 and am told the surgery is closed . Anyone know in what order telephone calls are routed to the destination number etc ?

I’ve recently moved and it doesn’t as yet recognise me .

my gp runs its own online system, when you eventually get in there, ask if they have a system.

I ocne phoned my GP 160 times before getting through

I really hate the NHS, it's a big excuse for being rubbish

How urgently do you need an appointment?

I usually phone mine mid-afternoon and get through no problem and make an appointment for a couple of weeks time.

when is a couple of weeks useful!? If I need help I need it now damnit

Well the last time I went it was to check out a lump on my shoulder and a strange sensation just under my ribs every now and then but neither seemed like it was going to kill me in a couple of weeks.  One was a harmless cyst and the other was just my gall bladder objecting to rich food and booze on holiday.

My GP is a 5 minute walk away. On occasion when I need to see someone and can get out I've gone there for 8am and they can't not serve you when you're standing right in front of them. Boom. Appointment.

Cuppers has it down to a fine art ; she calls bang on 8 and gets through.



clubbers I did that but no joy, in total I dialled 47 times this morning. I sent them an email and I got a call 10 minutes later offering me an appointment for 5 today, and they are going to set me up with the app as well.


And I couldnt be arsed to do a walk in as they expressely say no walk ins.

No, I don't mean walking in to be seen, I mean walking in to make an appointment which is usually later that day.