(assuming it has to be a cabinet minister)


If it was Gove I would love to be a fly on the wall in BJ's house a) so I could get the evidence of adultery to blackmail him, b) to laugh as Gove publicly shafts him again and c) so I can crawl on his food and give him the shits for a month so the fat khunt loses some weight. Then I'd get a journalist to come round and beat him up. 

Implausible as it may sound, I would prefer ANY member of the current Cabinet to Mr Johnson.  

Johnson is unique mix of incompetence laziness arrogance self-centredness and dishonesty - almost anyone I can think of would be a more suitable to PM - yes even Grayling.  He covers this up thinly but unaccountably successfully  with an expensive education, self-confidence and a particular type of charisma (that insincerity of which leaves me cold but admittedly does seem to work on lots) and a bit of flair for communication.

What dal segno said and can't add to guy's post tbh. 


um yes shurely will be Lidington in the interim while they sort out the contest?

or will she really hang on until the bitter end?

Farage and BoJo have perfected the posh but one of us that seems to win over working and lower middle class voters. Basically the Prince Harry of politics if Prince Harry had a racist and/or narcissistic hidden agenda. 

BoJo hasn't. Working class folk see him as the charlatan he is.

Farage and, to a lesser degree, JRM have bossed it though.

Bearing in mind there is no such thing as "working class" folk anymore as unionisation creating de facto closed shops for most industrial jobs means they are all middle class. If working class still exist they are all immigrants cleaning and picking fruit, who I don't think middle class right wing hand wringers have in mind when they are fighting their cause. 

Perhaps they are talking about the feral underclass that have failed to leverage any of the tools society has given them and are still allowed to believe everyone is out to get them? 

I don't understand why anyone would want the job. Unless I am missing something, there is zero chance of getting any kind of Brexit deal (or allowing a no deal to happen) through Parliament whatever dickhead is allegedly in charge 

3-ducks23 May 19 11:13

BoJo hasn't. Working class folk see him as the charlatan he is.


then something has changed since he won london mayor....twice

If Gove gets it we are finished and will be ruled by arsh-likkin' back-stabbin' greasy-pole-climbin' second-rate careerist wannabes for the next century at least.

He is awful.

Give us indeed awful, but he is miles better than Johnson.

Peston reporting that she’s going to start the contest on the 10th and deal with the Trump visit first

It’s electoral suicide either way.

Both parties seem determined to present the biggest dilemma to the electorate for an age.

Faced with Corbyn or BoJo I can see apathy winning hands down.


The best outcome for the country would be a Farage-led national government with minority Labour support. And the Tories consigned to oblivion.