Good Lord but Dawn Foster is wretched

by all measures


Each Sunday, without fail, I attend mass then catch up on the tedious handwringing of Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the Labour party and a lifelong professional wrecker, who has made it his official duty to complain weekly to the Sunday papers, without suggesting any concrete proposals for how to bring the party forward.

I mean, as opening paragraphs go that is quite astounding.  So many layers of khuntery in so few words.  It's a literary tardis of wank.

"professional wrecker"

sounds like something out of a Stalin era trial of the 30s. She will be calling him a lickspittle of the ruling classes soon.

I wouldn't know how to start writing something that pretentious.

Seems fair enough. She's a good Catholic and thinks Watson is a pr1ck. What's the problem?

To be fair to Watson, he has managed to make everyone forget about his role as Paedofinder General, when he was keen to use Parliamentary privilege to spread the fantasies cooked up by that chap, 'Nick'.

I hope this catches up with Watson when the prosecution of this complete fantasist is complete.

"Paedofinder General" is hilarious. Also his zealotic weight loss and now appalling attempt at trendiness (missing the moment by about 3 decades with top button done up Northern Soul style) really pisses me off. I am no Corbyn supporter but the idea that this Cunt is the Labour alternative is about as attractive as my own ball sack (which is no oil painting).

It's worrying that I'd virtually forgotten about his paedo hunting role now that he seems the sanest person in the party.

I could actually paint your wrinkly old family retainer in oils should you so choose, am looking for a life model.  was hoping for something more wabby but montie cant make it.

I agree that the weight loss is infuriating

"I can't drink coke in moderation so neither can yoU!"

"I can't see Tony the Tiger without wolfing down an entire pack of Frosties, so ban him too!"

He doesn't need the energy, now his Paedofinder General role has come to an end.