God f***ing damn it

I have got superglue all down one of my fingers and behind the nail.  Acetone has not helped.

Baby oil?


or just peel it off it’s very satisfying 

How did you spend your Friday night Stix?

Picking superlue off my fingers looking like I've got leprosy.  You?

Sorry, that wasn't in response to you, Hools.  I was googling scrofula and finding that it didn't work for the purposes of my post.

I am peeling it off.

Long soak in the bath will loosen it nicely.  Oils optional.

The sole of my sandal was coming away and I want to wear them tomorrow.  It's new glue and it came out quicker than I expected.

I am 90% glue free now :)

Non sexy, wedged heeled for traipsing across cricket pitches.  Beige.


Evening poppet x

Morning Stix!  Hope the superglue has gone.  It's awful stuff.  I once managed to glue the propeller from a Lancaster Bomber to my index finger with the damned stuff once (like a fucking idiot).  

I know this doesn't help you now, but for footwear, 2 part epoxy resin is a better and more permanent option.


B x

Presumably the propeller from a model Lancaster Bomber? If not, that would have been a right bastard until the glue came off.