GM The US introduced Covid-19 into China...

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian tweeted that “it might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan”

I knew Trump wouldn’t stop at a trade war. 

Fluffy - on another thread u were asking me about my sources and suggesting in a knowing way that they might be ‘revealing’. 

Then u go and post something like this...?

Nb one of my earliest observations about the epidemic was that there was a material risk that this sort of accusation could get fired up (one way or the other) and that this could lead to some very dangerous escalation.

I hope this is fake news. If this becomes the official China line then the world could be even more fooked than we thought.

they’ve found 99% the same virus in bats

so, while it’s not totally possible that this outbreak was caused by an accidental release, the virus is unlikely to be human-engineered

Its most suspicious feature in that regard is that it leaves children unscathed. I can imagine a weirdly scrupulous bioweapons designer building that in.

However, this is a naturally occurring virus, would in any event be a bit of a shit bioweapon, and moreover I’m not sure viruses can actually be designed in the way sci fi portrays - yet...

The “deflect an error” possibility is pretty feasible. It doesn’t need to be, nor does it appear to be a bio weapon. Could just be a naturally occurring virus that was being studied and escaped. Tbh I still think the market explanation is by far the most likely and everything else is fake news.

But it is a teeny bit of a problem if bioweapon is now the line being taken by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and that becomes widely believed.

The rumour is it originated in the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Ft. Detrick in Maryland...] was shut down in August after biosafety lapses related to a number of pathogens.

The US have not yet clearly identified patient zero... will be interesting to compare with the date of the Chinese patient zero.

Maybe the Chinese knew what it could do. Covered their tracks by releasing (and letting it get going properly) in Wuhan. Shut it down like bastards as they knew they could do (it is strange just how effectively they stopped it getting out of Wuhan...) -  and are now sat back laughing as the Free World and its open market economy collapses worrying about a few old people. They shut the borders to prevent reinfection. Heh presto at the end of this despite a great deal of collateral damage most of their (and indeed their opponents) people are alive and they are the new super power.

Who would have thought WW3 could be so easy and relatively harmless.

All made up bollox of course - but scarily feasible -  if The US economy implodes - there will be a lot of crazy people who think things like this.

Laz, in scientific terms what does "they've found 99% the same virus in" mean?  Do you mean 1% of the virus was different to this, in terms of its genome or some other characteristic, 99% of those batsshowing symptoms had this but some had something different, 99% of bats had this, 1% of the diseases in bats were not the same virus.... or what?

Your sweeping statement smells of wee, poo and unlikelihood FAOD.