Glasto cancelled

A silver lining in an otherwise large grey cloud.

All largescale events will be cancelled because cancellation insurance will be practically impossible to obtain.

I'm only surprised it took them this long to make the decision.

They presumably left it to the last moment before significant costs would have to be incurred.

all large scale events will be cancelled because they will be illegal until well into 2022

Does this mean the farmer bloke is going bust and has to sell everything he owns? I'm sure I read on here that was what was going to happen when he found out he wouldn't be able to host glasto this year

Does this mean the farmer bloke is going bust and has to sell everything he owns? I'm sure I read on here that was what was going to happen when he found out he wouldn't be able to host glasto this year

Please let this happen

He said before it wouldn't happen again if it rained for a 3rd year in a row

He is somewhat given to hyperbole


could they not have at least waited until say spring to say this. I have no plans to go to glasto but hundreds of thousands would have been looking forward to it, and just snatched away, 21 jan.

It makes you so miserable - on the day we were supposed to go on hols last week we got an email from BA saying our next trip in April cancelled also, so thats two on the same day, great.

Why would you wish that on anyone Warwick?

Have you never wished ill on thunderous khvnts?

Glastonbury. Where the middle classes go to act like drug addicts and the drug addicts go to act like the middle classes.


That’s a bit shit I was looking forward it, though tbh was not confident it would happen.

Lady P has never been and was really looking forward to it ☹️

Was going to be my 7th 

To be fair if they had announced it was going ahead with "social distancing measures in place" my finger would have been on the refund button quicker than you can say "lefty Guardian reader convention in a field"

Can’t really see how they could possibly enforce social distancing. I think the only way would be testing everyone going in, which would be a logistical nightmare, alternatively require a test result in the same way airline do.

I actually don't think Glasto will happen in 2022 either.  There will still be small pockets of virus about and it's going to be a potential super-spreader event.  


Just highlights the lead time for events like this and that for the all the talk of being back to normal by Easter there will realistically be nothing major going ahead this year.

The ‘issue’ was that he couldn’t get cancellation insurance so if he’d incurred the costs he’d be fvcked


Yes EP, but if most people particularly the vulnerable have been vaccinated by then a few cases of covid will be no big deal.

There is the issue of whether attendees would need to prove they had been vaccinated, which if I were running it I would insist upon ( as may the insurers).

Yes EP you are going a bit Clergs there. 

At some point all the restrictions are going to end 

Better cancelled now than after you've made plans


In other news Hunters wellies, and several listed west-country drug-dealers issue profit warnings...

It's really worrying that there is already talk of people being asked to prove they have been vaccinated to get into public spaces (i.e. places to which an ordinary member of the public can gain access, on payment or otherwise).

What are we going to do about people who can't have it, for medical or religious reasons?  Will we differentiate between the different vaccines?  How will we handle the fact private companies are seemingly going to be asking people for their personal medical data, and seemingly storing it too?


EP that's why I keep saying it would be so handy if everyone say carried a plastic card with a chip that could be programmed in such a way it would just tell people if you were allowed into a venue but without them needing to know how or why.  Perhaps an addition to your driving licence?

Clearly the people who can't have it also get a piece of paper to confirm that and are allowed to go about their business.

So you don't mean public spaces then EP?

Up to private owners who they let into their businesses and if they want to say you need a vaccine to come in then that should be encouraged. Anyone who can't have one for medical or religious religions should be treated as having had one.

Any anti-vaccers should be treated as outcasts and idiots. So basically how anti-vaccers have always been treated.

However I don't think this rule can be widely applied until the public has the opportunity to pay for the vaccine. At that point it's a question of free will but if we are waiting for the govt to give is the vaccine before we go to the pub it's a bit ridiculous.

if people won’t be vaccinated because their sky pixie said so they deserve to be kept out of public spaces tbf tbf

Davos - I mean Public Spaces in the context of the Public Order Act - i.e. spaces (privately owned or otherwise) to which the public have access on payment or otherwise.  

Summer - it's all very Black Mirror thought isn't it - I mean imagine if criminal record information could be put onto that card and places could refuse you access on the basis you have committed a certain category of offence?  


more generally I can’t say I am bovvered that the absulute khunt jamboree has been cancelled, but it must suck if that is your sort of thing

I am sad about this, tho not remotely surprised. Glasto (yeah Glasto) used to be the highlight of my year pre kids. Can only think it would be awful with them so will have to wait until the kids are older and become one of *those* people. 

I can see market for vaccine vending machines...

"Fed up with siting at home in your tinfoil hat? Want to go to the pub? just put £20 in the slot, put your arm next to the machine and off you go. You may feel a little prick (but that's your problem for not having the jab in the first place)"

The big Equality Act test-case will be when someone is refused the option of doing something because they haven't had the jab on medical or religious grounds.  And that one will go all the way to the Supreme Court.

And no business will want to be the Defendant / Respondent.

What ZG said 

It’s a great British institution

Could not be tug lighter about this, and am very anti lockdown

EP I think people would object if you went that far but there are already similar systems in operation with details of known shoplifters passed between groups of retailers and the like.  However, life would be simpler if everyone carried an ID card that recorded basic information that the government holds already.

EP they'll legislate to cover public spaces and vaccinated people so any test case would be a judicial review rather than a case against a private entity.