Glasgow or Edinburgh?

I have to go to Stirling on Saturday for work. It's as easy to get there and back via Glasgow or Edinburgh but by the time I get back to either, it will not be possible to get back to London so i have to do an over-nighter. 

So, which is best for someone on their own who doesn't want to just sit in the hotel bar but also is too far beyond the "backpacker" mentality of just going out and trying to meet randoms for a night out?

I have family in both cities but if I didn't, there's more to see in Edinburgh imo. Both places have friendly locals and decent bars/restaurants. If you've not been to either, defo Edinburgh

I would say Edinburgh, but then again I am a little biased as I own a place and have family there. Lots to do. Go see the Castle, marvel at the Harry Potter tourism (the free walking tour is actually pretty good), do Marvel tourism by seeing where Avengers was filmed, trek up Arthur's Seat, eat a batter haggis/pizza/mars bar, mooch around Stockbridge cafes, etc. If you like a beer take in the Hanging Bat or Campervan Brewery Taproom. It's often booked solid but check out the Edinburgh Gin tour.

Although, if you pick Glasgow and like a whisky I can recommend the Pot Still which is an excellent bar.

If you want other tips please let me know.

Ediburgh is a standard shitty chocolate box capital city where everything is faux nationalist and 10x more expensive than it needs to be. 

Sack it off and get a proper night out in Glasgow, sub crawl on the clockwork orange, munchie box, mosh pit in the cat house (is it still there?) 

Edinburgh is the least nationalist city in Scotland so


you can't turn round for people trying to sell yanks called goldberg or romanov a shit tonn of tartan because they are absolutely part of some ancient clan than emigrated 

plus, there is an actual castle and royal palace in the middle of the city

What that fine gentleman from Glasgow said.

Edinburgh is fine for some high tea and possibly buying some high priced touristy crap

Also if you are into a bit of hiking...outskirts of Glasgow have got plenty of those spots

Only a ridiculous fool or a Glaswegian would favour glasgow

As other have said - Edinburgh if you've been to neither before and have limited time - Glasgae needs time to explore but if you have that is probably the better city in terms of hidden gems.

Hidden... hidden... hidden.

Fvckit - wot Clergs sed - Edinburgh all the way.

yeah Ediburgh it's got a castle that you can look at for like 10 minutes and................ err, a tram? Plus you can have a McDonalds disguised as authentic local fare because you're a tourist and they don't rely on repeat customers

I mean you can really tell it's going to be good when it's the place that Clergs is constantly on here bemonaing and trying to flee, worst case you've got half a million clergs to keep you company as you stand in the rain and look at the castle, maybe pretend you're the kid that didn't get into Harry Potter school or something

Sounds like a great choice

I've been to Edinburgh and Aberdeen

 suspect will ne'er go to Glasgow.

if you haven't done the Edinburgh touristy stuff once then Edinburgh

after that, always Glasgow

heh @ clergs here

If you want to be an american tourist and shout "wendy" while chomping on your triple decker burger...and do bits and bobs what sumo said, yeah by all means go there. You won't find that comfort in Glasgow.

Wang - a man of your eclectic tastes should check out the grey magnificence of Dundee.

I have a stag do with younger persons coming up BC.  it would not surprise me if it was somewhere as shyt as dundee.



Weren't some delegates beaten up the last time the Law Society held

its conference in Glasgow 


Just actually laughed out loud at this.

basically selecting whether I am ill or the wife is.  fck me i hate stag dos.  i cant be but like will ferrell. total car wreck.

Why would anyone hate a stag do, assuming you aren't mates with bell-ends

Glencoe isn't far from Glasow. Some very good hotels and great scenery if you have a few days.

ML my problem is that I am related to someone who, and most of his mates, is (are) not a bellend(s).

stag dos are fucking gash anyway let's be honest.

they are awful

the whole wedding industrial complex is a bit of a shitt tsunami really

Get awae to the Trossachs and do some decent trout fishing, Wang. And the OP for that matter.

Edinburgh is the correct and only answer.

Even if they ruined Princes Street. That being said, why would anyone go to New Town? There is no reason to go north of the Mound.

agree with wango's thoughts on stag do. all minge with exception

Dunno, I have to go north of the mound if I want to see family and friends in Leith.

Clergs don't know if it is the best but down the dean is very pretty, stockbridge is cool and the botanic gardens are also there.

I wouldn't want to live there (for flooding and proximity to marauding neds reasons respectively) but nice to visit for sure

full disclosure I did see a drug deal in abbeyhill earlier today

it's like, dudes if you didn't do that exaggerated looking around thing nobody would notice you

I used to live (or "stay", as they say north of the border) just off Abbeyhill. A weird mix of slightly posh and completely schemie around there. Standard inner city experiment in urban semi-gentrification. I bet the drug dealer was one of the 8 year old kids who broke into my car about 15 years ago by smashing a window... they stole about 58p in change.

Care to name the street, b?? Bet it's not far from where I am right now!

You'll have had your tea then??!!

Edinburgh is shite.

Ah yes, ‘stay’,

I once had this fascinaringly difficult and obscure expression jocksplained to me, it obviously being impossible to work out what it means from context.


Clergs, for I assume you are she.... Tytler Gardens. The ‘nice’ part. Well, least awful part anyway.

I was channelling Rabbie Burns, Clergs...

[i]Go no Nor' ae tha' mound

Else ye'll hav' naer' a' scoobie

Tha's nay bonnie oop thaer

Than a wee bit o' boobie

Doon Sooth be tha best

An' stay on tha button

Strook an' betaste

O' tha lamb an' the mutton


When I started work in banking in Edinburgh, my boss asked me where I stayed... awkward. No idea what he meant. Stay on holidays? Does he think I’m homeless, so like in the Princes St gardens? Oddly I immediately understood ‘messages’ living on the west coast.

I never get why that bamboozles English so much!

PS right next to croft an righ v nice!

Croft an righ was lovely. Lots of pensioners for some reason iirc. Cobbles were lethal in winter - sun never touched them so they were like an ice skating rink for about 4 months straight.

Wang, is it that dude who kept trying to put his arm around me at your wedding reception?