Giving up processed sugar

I gave up 3 weeks ago and definitely feel I am starting to feel better and more consistently energised.

It hasn't had the effect on my dodgy hip I hoped (I gave sugar up because it's inflammatory and I have an arthritic hip) but it's early days.

Surprisingly,  I have lost 8lbs (given I have eaten tonnes!).

I wonder if the feeling better is the better diet (there isn't a lot of processed food that doesn't have a lot of added sugar so it's been a lot of vegetables, eggs and meat) or is the lack of sugar.

Can anyone else give me their experience of giving up processed sugar and how long it was for the optimum benefit, the internet seems full of rather hyperbolic journalistic extreme stories.

Thanks :)

Haven't done it, but am interested so I second the request for other people's real life stories. 

My sister in law did this and it was exactly as you’d expect - good for waistline and teeth, but no impact on general health or specific ailments (including a dodgy but not arthritic hip).

I didn’t notice an improvement in arthritic pain but it stopped my peri-menopausal night sweats within a few weeks. 

It definitely helps with general well-being etc. It’s just that life is a little dull without a choc croissant on a Sunday morning…

on day blah of no sugar I would observe (a) I look no better, (b) feel no better, (c) I guess I have saved some money tho.

What does giving up processed sugar actually entail? I'm not big on sweets anyway but wondering what else (that isn't overtly a dessert or sugary snack) I would need to give up.