Ghislane Maxwell arrested
The return of … 02 Jul 20 14:32
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Randy Andy and a few other must get getting a bit sweaty.

I give her 24 hours before she gets suicided.......

His arse will be twitching like a beagle's nose in a butcher's shop.

If she was gonna get got you'd think it would have happened already. There's no way the authorities haven't known exactly where she was this entire time.

GG she's a large motor yacht who a corrupt media baron once fell off.

I think this is a deal between her and the people who really want to get the baddies

but it’s like Line of Duty

You never know who’s secretly OCG

Pancakes, I'd assume that her arrest was prompted by the obtaining of evidence rather than finding out where she was.

She's done a deal. A lot of big people gonna get fcuked here.

Assuming she relies on lots of favours to get by (if she was minted she could have bailed out her brothers) then I doubt she'll do anything of the sort. 

If it was a case of the FBI not knowing what she was going to say she'd have been arrested a while back. It seems kikely that she has been assisting the investigation voluntarily for some time and has now cut a deal on the basis of a plea to a lesser charge with a whole stack of cans of whoopass offered by her in relation to other people of interest to the investigation.  There will be a suspiciously fast process of arrest, charge, media etc then a perfect narrative for the big prize: we the FBI have a string of admissions by G Maxwell, a set of facts Prince Andrew cannot hide from that places him firmly in it up to his royal nuts, literally, and a period of time when we say he was not cooperating and we measure that, whatever he says, by reference to what a certain suspect has done in terms of cooperation with our process.  Boom. He's so screwed now.   One dead, one singing, one on the run.

she will sing like a CANARY and lots of fatboys gonna take a hard and long fall

bet she's got a reasonable amount of £ squirreled away

let's go live to the Palace for Prince Andrew's reaction

Also, can I just say well done Robert Maxwell. Fraudster and escapologist. Raised a family and nicked 460m from his own business's pension fund. His two sons were tried and acquitted of fraud in a case brought by the SFO that still ranks as one of its most notorious fuckups, despite the catalogue of cases that followed. Now the daughter too.

I suspect she's promised all sorts of dirt on others and will then quietly recant it all and the FBI won't be able to find any corroborating evidence for what she'd previously promised and they will eventually be forced to let her go.

wot others have said about deal

sehe is v comfy in the company of v good lawyers

If it does go side ways though, as an aside, her dad’s status means that she will always have a safe berth (scuse pun) in Israel


Wang's Upon a Time02 Jul 20 15:49

Muttboss u have a turbo typo up there


i thought she was hiding out in europe somewhere? she was arrested in the US (and not obviously somewhere with an airport).



Not looking good for Andrew is it? Any really powerful US figures will be protected by the establishment but Andy is the perfect show patsy. Did anyone else watch the netflix docu and think a particular really high profile and powerful someone must have taken a ride on that woman?

“She's done a deal. A lot of big people gonna get fcuked here.“

Deserved justice for a lot of minor people who were fucked by those big people.

What was in it for her? Was it money or did she genuinely like participating in the orgies with Epstein and nubile young girls?

It’s much easier to record and catch people out nowadays..smartphones, sat nav in the car recording location, Social media real time reporting etc.

Even so Trump still cries “fake news“ when he’s literally been recorded or in front of thousands of people.

Back then did anyone carry anything that could track location or record secretly? Probably not. 

She can sing all she wants but she’ll have nothing of any great substance. A version of events, a list of names, a diary entry? Big deal, so what. Doesn’t mean it’s true. It means nothing. 

They have her on the hook for tricking underage girls..of course she’ll plea.

Hope I’m wrong, of course. 

eh? People get banged up all the time off testimony alone. Have you not seen Bonded by Blood 2?

The Maxwells - a proud family with an extraordinary reputation.

I remember Massingbird's most famous case: the Case of the Bloody Knife. A man was found next to a murdered body. He had the knife in his hand. 13 witnesses had seen him stab the victim. And when the police arrived, he said "I'm glad I killed the bastard."

Massingbird not only got him off; he got him knighted in the New Year's Honours List. And the relatives of the victim had to pay to wash the blood out of his jacket.

At a former employers we caught a life insurance fraudster using their old Nectar card!  No other trace of him.  New ID, new phone, new address, everything but the nectar card.  Whoops

I knew a guy once who worjed in iT at Sainsburys and was sent down for stealing £100ks woeth of Nectar points.  

Heh again at Blue Iguana. Stealing nectar points like a shit version of Richard Pryor in superman 3.

I didn’t think there was a large enough number to create 100 grand worth of nectar points 

100k?  That's almost enough for a twix bar and a packet of crisps.

Doh, £100k worth.  Reading fail.  Good thing I'm not a lawyer in charge of important stuff or anything. 

Harrods seen delivering large order of boxers to Royal Lodge in Great Windsor Park 

Apparently she has videos from the island.


Everyone and I mean everyone is going to get it here.


"Everyone and I mean everyone is going to get it here."

Trump...and in time for the election?



Not sure you'll get much of a positive ID from a grainy old VHS of an orgy.  Maybe they can do a cock line up and compare them to those visible in the video?  Do you reckon Trump's is as orange of the rest of him and easily identifiable?

I read yesterday that the Queen paid for her wedding dress with rationing stamps 

I remember following her father's family and the case years ago. After that by chance I met one of her brothers (who was very nice).


I would imagine has she not wanted to be arrested she would have gone to France where her mother is from as I don't think she can be extradited from there and she has a French passport so presumably she was happy to take the risk of arrest or was ready for it. I think she was 32 when she met Epstein so probably a bit too old to say she was forced by him but we shall see. Her father was apparently a pretty nasty man and I expect that had a big effect on her.