Georgia - not somewhere you want to be a woman

If you have a miscarriage they may interrogate you as to "what you did" to cause this, and the answer could get you locked up for 30 years 


the handmaidens tale clearly interpreted as an instruction manual by some  


have you seen the one about forcing doctors to remove ectopic pregnacies and implant them in the uterus?

the insane part is, I think most Americans are appalled. And yet it is still shunting ahead.

I have and did this face ?

do they even think that's possible? Lunatics 

as someone said, I don't think they care about women's bodies at all except for what they can get from them

Not being funny but that law looks exactly the same as our own offences against the person act, albeit that here the maximum penalty is only "to be kept in penal servitude for life" since we ended the death penalty.

Does it? I've had 2 miscarriages I wasn't interviewed to explain what I did to cause them 

also it is now illegal to have any kind of termination after a "heart beat" is detectable so I don't think so 

On the one hand it's such a frequent event that launching a criminal investigation on the basis of barely a suspicion seems insane. On the other they've identified a specific, routine, use of the ulcer drug which has given rise to a general suspicion. And yet of course there would be no need to use it if Americans in the deep south weren't such a bunch of fanatically religious lunatics. 

Georgia is not on my list of places to go.


my parents went. apparently they'd never seen / heard racism like it.  absolutely blow you mind away. but completely casual and normal. 


I think they may all be a bit odd.


Sorry, I can;t see the bit that says every woman who miscarries will be interrogated ?

Can you see the bit that says termination is basically completely illegal and that's MENTAL?

Shit things about Georgia:

Mad laws


The Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta

Atlanta aquarium 

No I can;t see that. 


There are two points


1 -  "The primary purpose of HB 481 is to prohibit doctors from terminating any pregnancy after they can detect “embryonic or fetal cardiac activity,” which typically occurs at six weeks’ gestation." 


2 - But the most startling effect of HB 481 may be its criminalization of women who seek out unlawful abortions or terminate their own pregnancies. 


Your complaint is about the second, which is exactly the same as our own law. 


I think tbf the complaint is about the methods employed to ascertain whether an illegal termination has taken place.

Even pretty normal Americans are scarily religious and I refer you to my previous comments about American sports teams all praying together before games and before and after training.

"The primary purpose of HB 481 is to prohibit doctors from terminating any pregnancy after they can detect “embryonic or fetal cardiac activity,” which typically occurs at six weeks’ gestation." 

Doesn't this, practically speaking, make almost all abortions illegal?

Week 1 of pregnancy is the week of your last period. Most women will not even get a positive pregnancy test until they are four weeks pregnant, medically speaking.

I have never never had a problem there. People were friendly, happy to buy you a beer and chat about sports. They are not anti-foreigners.

Admittedly I have never had a miscarriage there (a biological impossibility), but they are what they are.

I think it was Georgia where they had a three strikes & you're out rule.  It's illegal to give someone a bloz in Georgia (tho not to receive one of course) so you could technically get banged up for life for three noshes.

Don't go there then if you feel strongly about it. Not like a few outraged cosmopolitan London lawyers can do anything about it. Its up to them.

Both Beria and Stalin came from Georgia, so none of this surprises me 

Been through Georgia a few times for work related reasons and  friend of mine has just moved there. In Atlanta I found the level of black homelessness pretty depressing, particularly in the civil rights historic area. It is proper god fearing, bible bashing country where you see billboards promoting creationism so these laws don't really surprise me. There is a worrying trend in the south of trying to make abortion all but impossible. I recall one state requiring abortion clinics to maintain the same surgical equipment and manning that an ER ward would have even if there was a hospital nearby that emergencies could be taken to.

Racism wise I didn't think it was quite as bad as Alabama next door where the levels of casual racism are astonishing and virtually everyone in a restaurant service position is black (unless you are in a Mexican restaurant).

I thought Savannah was pretty, but it's not enough of a reason to spend more than a weekend in the state.

"virtually everyone in a restaurant service position is black"

This is true with supermarket checkout staff in London.

that is absolutely not true, Dux.

The majority of the checkout staff in my local supermarkets are white.

you know what IS true tho? all the shop security guards. every single one. Where do they come from?? It just seems so unlikely in, like, Blair Atholl

The only shop security guard I know drinks in my local. He's deffo white.

where does the K end and the C begin, have sometimes wondered

I'd say half way across Fulham Road.  I live on the K side.

ps back on track I went to Atlanta once and I didn;t see many other white people at all and it blows my mind that they are still able to dominate racistly

this just goes to show the power of wealth inequality. Black people should be able to say fuck right off with that.

And so should the sane majority re healthcare

ok that makes sense

I want to go to London now I am bored of this windy nordic tedescape

So where Pippa Middleton lives now in The Little Boltons is K, whereas Old Church Street where K8 and Pippa used to live is C.

How anyone can afford to live there is beyond me, unless they have spurious means of income.

Clergs I don't remember seeing black shop security last time I was in Blair Atholl.

It will surely be struck down?  Even this Supreme Court is surely not going to outright reverse Roe v Wade.

My guess is the GOP wants it struck down so they can make abortion a key issue in the next presidential election. 

As an aside there aren't actually all that many material things in this world I covet but one of those perfect little town houses off Old Church street is one of them... 

"The courts will just strike it down" doesn't deal with the intentional climate of fear it creates 

I'd go on a sex strike if I lived there 

"are you insinuating that JC is a drugs kingpin??"

I thought that was common knowledge.

That's why I like living where I do, everything is lovely and the architecture is soothing.

If I win Euromillions, I'd also like a house in the Cotswold, like in Swinbrook.

Presumably Linda even if you lived there you wouldn't be married to/shagging the sort of absolute thunderkhunt who thinks this is acceptable so I am not sure how much good a sex strike would do...

I am not at all trying to belittle how awful and antediluvian this piece of legislation is btw. Stopping it is a cause that is really worth fighting for. I really hope people in Georgia and beyond have the guts to stand up and fight it. 

If I were that minted, I'd live in Mayfair. Berkeley Square has always been my favourite.

I know a couple of (British) lesbians who decided to get married in Savannah...seemed a rather odd choice given how backward the place appears

If you are the devil and looking to steal a soul, Georgia is a good place to go.

When I first heard about this law I assumed it was the other Georgia.  It effectively renders abortion illegal.  For those that don't know, pregnancy is dated from your last period, so for the first two weeks of those six, sperm hasn't event met egg, and for 4-5 of those 6, most women won't know they are pregnant even if they have regular cycles and track them closely.  The heartbeat usually starts at 5 weeks and a few days, so women will have very little time to make their decision, get an appointment and have the abortion.  And as for the miscarriage stuff, I am speechless.  It's frankly traumatic enough to have bits of a pregnancy falling out of your hoo-ha without some nutjob questioning you about it.

I wonder what it is like for doctors in places like this

do they just ignore the rules? are their secret psycho rule shoppers?

"Before you get cross"

you know that's a film in which someone was infamously anally raped - which is a crime - and this is an actual law?

i mean if it had become compulsory that men undergo anal penetration to get a fishing permit you'd have a point 


yup agreed nex

we once had a scan at 6 weeks and the heart beat was clearly audible

some women (eg with irregular cycles) don't even know they're pregnant at six weeks

I'm sure no need to remind this group but the law on abortion in GB is not so unrestricted as many think. It's just not enforced.

One needs good reason under physical or mental health grounds.