Genuine career question

This is related to me.

My CPN is concerned about the fact that I’ve agreed to take on a senior, but part time role, for a private equity fund.

My consultant and GP refuse me a fit note. However. I can do this as a contractor on a self employed basis rather than an employee.  Personally I think it will help me normalize and get back into society if I take things gently, but they are rather less supportive about this.

Sooooo.... what do I do? Should I quietly shuffle this info to my friend who wants me to work for him?  Should I just keep quiet and get my head down, do an incredibly good job and hope no one notices?

Im almost at the junction where I need to make this decision.  I am 100% sure I can do this job, which means that the best person in the world will be doing it.  But I’m worried about the duplicity involved because I can’t be an actual employee as such, I can just be a consultant due to the whole ‘being a bit of a nutter’ issue.


Just take the job as a self employed contractor,simple?


What would the job entail in this PE fund, Marketing, IR, execution, portfolio, or origination. All makes a big difference, to do execution and portfolio one must be " well" if you get me. The price for getting it wrong is huge in those disciplines.

I thought part of your health issues manifested themselves as hallucinations and delusions. If so you risk thinking you’re fine when health professionals taking an objective stance don’t. For potentially good reasons. 

On a professional note one assumes that you owe a duty of care even in private equity. If you become unwell but don’t appreciate that you have then your firm is at risk of negligence claims surely? Maybe it’s different in finance but sounds not on to me. 

But how do you admit that to a friend of yours Bailey :( You’re painfully correct I suspect. 


I mean, so long as I continue to take shit tons of anti psychotics I have very few delusions of adequacy. 

Is it worth the risk? I feel like this is my last chance.

A friend should understand. A friend would definitely not understand if you didn’t disclose and put their reputation and the company at potential risk. They’re doing you a service. Don’t do them a disservice in return. 

If you explain the totality of it, including the meds they can at least make an informed decision. What you’re proposing deprives them of that possibility. Additionally, IF it unravelled and you hadn’t said anything I suspect the PE world is sufficiently small for your reputation to be trashed. Not because of your health issues but because you will be seen as untrustworthy. 

Well this is going to be a fun discussion.  You’re right bails, as ever. :(

i don’t know, I guess I feel like I’m letting my mate down.  We have known one another a long time and he and I spoke about this like ten years ago. Feck. 

Also watch out for HMRC cracking down on contractors and using accelerated processes to demand unpaid tax before they've fully investigated.  Fine if you're just doing a few hours here and there.

Exactly what is this 'senior ' role

Is it just meet and greet or something more responsible? 

Also, do you get disability payments? 

Bails  is always right.

It is one of her defining characteristics.

Sails: yeah I'm aware of IR35.

Bern: obv not going into much detail but it involves analysis work (financial) as well as targeting.  Not front of house, and yes I get full enhanced PIP both for daily living and mobility.

Strutter: it's a rule to live by really.


As has been said Bailey has it on the head. 

A question of doing the easy thing or the right thing. 

Of course, it is much easier to impart this advice than to be the one having to follow it but I would imagine you will get a lot more respect and feel a lot better about yourself doing the right but potentially awkward thing (short term) as opposed to taking the (potentially) easier route then constantly having it hanging over your head. 

I would have a question to the consultant/GP. What would make the difference to their prognosis?  Is there anything you can do to change their mind or does your underlying condition mean that they  would never be comfortable signing you off.


TBH the idea of even seeking  a “fit for” note from them speaks to your own subliminal acceptance that this is risky, no?


Good luck whatever you decide but I would either disclose or politely decline on basis of undefined Ill health . That way you are not disclosing for the sake of it.

What is the actual business risk here though?  That you're going to hear voices from a convertible loan note instrument telling you to remove the leaver provisions from a set of articles of association? 

Not sure there's much business risk other than me not being able to cope with the pressure of being back in work, albeit part time and from home, and them having to actually recruit for the role rather than just call a mate.

Is the role one of those for which financial sector regulation now requires the person to be a 'fit and proper person'? This seems to widen out all the time. Don't take a risk with that, for yourself, or for the fund.