Gents of Rof - your shirts

Do you / your help use starch when pressing your shirts? Does this help keep them looking pressed all day? 


Otherwise how do you stop the creases that are meant to be there for dropping out and creases that aren't , from appearing?

No starch. I just learnt how to use an iron properly 

Wot they said.

Steam iron. Temperature as high as it will go.

No need for starch.

Firstly, buy decent quality shirts that fit you but don't go for super lightweight very high thread counts.

Secondly, as above learn to iron or hire someone who can.  Either use a good steam iron or iron them very slightly damp with a very hot iron. Don't put them on immediately after ironing they need to get to 100% dry first.

Thirdly try not to be a fat sweaty khunt.

Brooks Brothers, non-iron, made to measure. Stay crispy as fuck all day long.

Get someone to iron your shirts. Usually a couple of quid a shirt. Best £10 you’ll spend all week, and a beautiful line of shirts awaits Monday morning.

Paying someone to iron your shirts is worse than avocado toast in my books.

Try not to be a fat sweaty ****

This is the bit I'm struggling with.

Before meeting clients I always put on a rumpled sweaty shirt 

Gives the impression I've just emerged from an all nighter grafting on their behalf 


Shirts are worth laundrapping.  Keep them hung up in the office, they'll be fine unless you have the body temperature of a dementor.


Or unless you are clergs and the shirts yellow and shrivel slightly on contact with your putrid skin when you put them on

You wouldn’t need starch anyway - yours are constantly stiffened with airborne sea salt 

(having said that getting your shirts laundered in a proper new york hotel is a thing of wonder; that's about the only time it's permisable to use starch)


most laundries will wash and iron 5 shirts for a tenner - a worthwhile investment.

Anyone who does not know how to iron a shirt  should be ashamed of themselves and I blame the parents

in the run up to going up to college a friend badgered his mother to teach him to how to iron a shirt.  she kept putting it off.  eventually she confessed that she'd never ironed a shirt in her life: it was the cleaner who did it.



Christ, £500ish a year just to get shirts cleaned and pressed

When overseas i used an Asian laundry that starched the shirts so much that you had to punch your fist down the sleeve just to put it on. The shirts came back folded and the fold lines used to rub / cut into you for the first few hours. When freshly put on, it looked like you had been unfolded from a box the lines were so pronounced. Always smelt nice & clean though.



another vote for Brooks Bros non iron (if you give a tug what your shirts look like)

Mrs W takes charge of the ironing.  As part of the original dating manifesto I got bins, diy, av/tech and gardening.  and cleaning the kitchen.  and cooking.  she got ironing...

fair deal in my view i fucking hate ironing

I remember when Mrs W came on here once moaning about what a terrible fvcking state you'd left the bathroom in before you passed out on the floor underneath the bog. 

Top tip: get a job where you don't have to wear shirts. 

Or if you have a cleaner chances are they will iron them for an extra £10. 

Getting shirts to and from a dry cleaners is more of an arse than just ironing the fecking things yourself imo