Gemma O'Doherty thrown off youtube

Speaking truth to power, Gemma claims that Irish people will soon be in a minority due to “floods” of migrants as well as criticism of the Irish mainstream media for “covering up” child abuse and trying to destroy Catholicism.

She has also posted videos with titles such as “time to join the fight to save Ireland” and “the destruction of Catholic Ireland as liberals embrace Islam at every opportunity”.

Trump is not alone in his fight against liberals in the   media 

Heh!  She’s a mad conspiracy theorist!

Wind turbines are sinister.

The state has executed and covered up journalists.

Vaccines are untested and dangerous.

Fluoride in water causes cancer.

Multi-faith chapel in Dublin airport doesn’t have any crosses because the owners want to eradicate Catholicism (well here she’s right, to an extent, there is no religious symbology at all in Dublin airport’s multifaith prayer room. There is however a fucking massive dedicated Catholic Church)...

Total loon.