GBP @ US$1.24

Lowest for some time.  

I get paid in greenbacks these days.

On first glance a good thing, but eventually you have to come home, and then the advantage of cheap sterling gets offset by the fact that the UK has been brexshitted, and that we’ve all taken a big haircut in order to have a blue passport and chicken that tastes of chlorine.



I too am paid in dollars.  Unfortunately my main assets are in the UK, which means their value in USD terms has plummeted since Brexit (and also fallen in GBP terms).

I know. Unless you’re away for a long time it's not really a good thing.

As the equity value of UK companies gets cheaper and more attractive to foreign buyers  We’ll see another round of takeovers.

Still foreign ownership is all part of taking back control, right? 

I get paid in GBP but my main liability (student loan) is in USD.



ne1 remember when hyoo bragged about onshoring all his dollars in early 2017 when it was 1.29 to gbp?

he even dropped couple lion on a house in brum at that point, paying peak

Kaulbach, I am not planning to return to Brexit Blighty any time soon!   

If youre paid in dollars and worried about coming "home" then youre already eating chlorinated chicken or worse