Game of Thrones S8 Ep2 (ft Spoilaz)

Anyone watched yet??

I don’t want to say too much until you have but I LOVED IT!


Yes. Thought it was average, couple of good scenes (Brienne being knighted)

the arya sex scene was all kinds of wrong and should be banned

they needed some action, that’s 2 hours out of 6 down and literally nothing important has happened. Means they’ll need to squeeze it all into on episode.

Wellerz, I love you, you know that, but you are WRONG!

It was a great tension building episode. 

1. Bran gets better and better with his creepy stare

2. Tormund brought absolute lolz to an otherwise pretty dark ep

3. The Jon/Dany reveal was great, I thought she might slit his throat there and then

4. I called the Arya/Gendry romance...what are the chances that Gendry dies but Arya is preggers with a new Baratheon?? 

5. The fight is ON. Loads of deaths in the next ep, I think they will cull everyone who has served there purpose: I’m calling Brianne (dying a knight), the last remaining Night Watch guy, Lady of Bear Island, Sir Davos of Onions (but did the Red Woman say she’d see him again? Could someone remind me where she is) 



I watched the crypt sex on YouTube, 

Her first time and she went on top, bloody love aryra and gendry 

It had a night before Agincourt (without the leaders giving a fuck about the little people)

I found the Gendry-Ayra sex scene cringy as there's no real chemistry between them.  

Fonders - Mel said she'd meet Ayra again - could you mean that?  When she left Winterfell he said he'd execute her himself if she ever came back. 

I thought the use of the song of Jenny of the Oldstones was interesting.  I wonder if that was a foreshadowing that Jon will give up his claim to the Iron Throne for the woman he loves? Or maybe they just decided The Bear and The Maiden Fair wasn't tonally right.

Or the song could just be the affirmation that Jon or Dany (or both) is the Prince Who Was Promised?  It was Jenny's mate who made the original prophecy that the Prince would be born of the line of Aerys II and Rhaelle, which could be either Dany or Jon.

I actually thought it was one of best episodes. No big fights but very touching them all coming together. The fireside chat and the knighting scene was excellent and touching. On the sex scene isn’t it the whole point there is no chemistry. Arya is a bit of an emotion free zone.

And yes I think there is going to a massive cull. Can see them losing the battle. We have four episodes to go. 

Or maybe the army of the dead bypass them and head straight for kings landing.

The song was a tip of the hat to the fact that Brienne is a descendant of Duncan the Tall.  He lied about being knighted so her being knighted was directly relevant.  Also the name of the episode was a direct reference to the novella about Dunk and Egg.

I can't work out if you're trying to get a rise or unknowingly talking crap.  In either case, shhh, the grown-ups are talking.

Amberman, I thought it had been implied she'd fancied him, as much as she is capable of anything human. I just think Maisie is playing her a bit one note now.

Agreed on them losing the battle. It would be disappointing if those that died were all which had achieved some kind of conclusion to the arc - Jaime, Brienne, etc. but that almost feels like what the episode was setting up.

I realise the Dragon Has Three Heads prophecy hasn't had any currency in the TV series, but I'm still hoping Tyrion makes it through to the end.

Can someone explain why the army of the living all marched north. Wouldn’t it be better to fight the army of the dead in the warmer south? They could have kept an eye on Cersei also.

Dunk has nothing to do with Jenny, other than the fact that Duncan Targ was named for him. And struggling to see what the title has to do with any of the novellas.

Amberman, think the idea is that the further south they marched, the greater the army of the dead grows (unless they evacuated the whole country to Dorne).  

Because the illustrated collection of books is literally entitled “The knight of the seven kingdoms”.

It's also being reported as being called "Think Back To Where We Started".

Orwell, GRRM himself announced the relationship between brienne and Duncan at a convention about four years ago.

That's been widely known for a while.  What I'm struggling with is how you're getting a connection with Jenny of the Oldstones and Duncan - unless you've mixed up Duncan the Tall and Duncan Targ.

Duncan Targ was named after Duncan the tall.  Honestly mate this is all over reddit, just go read. Lol.

Reading isn't your strong suit, clearly - look at my 18:26  And feel free to go back to Reddit to copy some other half-arsed theory.

Duncan the Tall ended the rebellion of the storm king by slaying him in single combat after Duncan targ ran off with Jenny.  The title of the episode is named after the books about him.  There is direct and very obvious connection on this topic.

Seriously you’re getting very rude about this for no reason.  


I can’t remember a time when I wanted not to see boobs more than I did watching that episode.

If the dead win how will that play out then? Everyone at Winterfell dead? Or a few choice ones escape by dragon? 

Ive read a theory about the dead rising from the “safe” crypt, so may he the end for Samwell, Gilly, Varys etc 

If the dead rise does that mean a zombie headless Sean Bean with a ponytail with his blades shirt on kills Varys?

I think a few will escape on dragons and that includes Tyrion.

Were they allowed to recover Ned’s body? I don’t think Robb or Catlyn are there either? We may get creepy undead Rickon though. 

There's a rumour that Michelle Fairley has been seen near the filming locations, so we might get Lady Stoneheart after a fashion after all.

Fonders, I've heard similar, but also heard a theory that the dead will fight for Winterfell. Not sure how that would work - maybe Bran will tell them to shove dragonglass into their hearts like the Children of the Forest did with Benjen to stop them being under the control of the Night King?

I really hope it isn’t a rehash of lotr plot.  In the teaser for the episode you can see Arya running through what may be the crypts looking absolutely terrified...

Theon and Sansa having a drink together after their emotional reunion was laying it on quite thick... am I reading too much into the way they were looking at each other?

Brienne being knighted was a great scene.

It had some good moments but a lot of the dialogue was pedestrian compared to how GRRM would have written it. eg Dany and Jon's final scene in the crypt.

Still, it's been that way since season ?6 and I'm finally getting used to it and just enjoying it for what it is.

Tyrion sent Ned’s bones back to Cat while she was at Riverrun nursing her dying father. She had them sent back to winterfell. 

Robb is not buried at Winterfell... his whereabouts are unknown. 

Just watched. Not yet decided what I think of it. 


Again I found bits of super cringe such as the scene between Sansa and  Danearys... and FFS you bring back a ghost finally so he can just stand around in the background of a scene like he isn’t even there... it’s almost like it was solely to remind people that he exists... 


also of note is that ghost has probably been  living in the Godswood... which is where the wolves were kept way back at the beginning... so I’m kinda expecting him to show up in the big showdown with the Night King since that is where the bran trap bait is being laid. .otherwise what was the point of his screen time and existences in this episode  

Clearly they've run down the CGI budget so much that you can have either Ghost or dragons in an ep, but not both.

Hoping by your logic Scyll that we'll also see Nymeria and her pack in one of the battles.  Maybe to save Arya?

I saw Ghost and thought of you Scylla!

interested in your thoughts on how the next episode will go given that we’ve still got the main battle to come later (ft golden company). 

Also, ghost looked quite a bit smaller than when he was in castle black, clearly been in a diet!

They’ll kill the night king just as it is looking like all is lost and the dead will all dissolve, with at least 2 or 3 major characters dying in the process. 

So they win the battle of the dead in Ep3? No chance. 

The NK might know of the secret tunnels into winterfel, the amount of times they said that the crypts would be safe just telegraphs to me that they absolutely won’t be.

But I can’t see him being killed so early, he is the big bad villain.  But a lot of people are going to die, that much is sure.  

Has Bran ever told anyone that Jamie pushed him out the window because he saw him fucking his sister?

Battle with the dead end of ep 4 at the very latest. I suspect ep 3 though.

Then one ep for beating Cersei and the last ep to tie up all the loose ends.

Yeah, the guy directing episodes 3 and 5 is the same one that did the battle of the bastards and hardhome so those are clearly going to be the battle episodes.  He’s got the same director of photography as well.

It isn’t made clear in the tv show, but in the books, Bran has deliberately repressed his memory of that incident under the instruction of the three eyed crow.

Bran was staring at his arms, his legs. He was so skinny, just skin stretched taut over bones. Had he always been so thin? He tried to remember. A face swam up at him out of the grey mist, shining with light, golden. "The things I do for love," it said. Bran screamed.

The crow took to the air, cawing, Not that, it shrieked at him. Forget that, you do not need it now, put it aside, put it away. It landed on Bran's shoulder, and pecked at him, and the shining golden face was gone. - A Game of Thrones: Chapter 17, Bran III

So if Ep3 is battle with the dead the options as I see them are:

1. The living lose, the dead kill them all (apart from maybe a few escaping by dragon) and the dead continue to march south - most likely scenario but surely this can’t happen??

2. The living win and defeat the dead, and then they turn their attention to the battle for the throne - seems unlikely given the numbers, and I can’t believe they’d kill off the dead at this stage. 

3. Some sort of half way option - they defeat some of the dead? The Night King fails to make an appearance? The Night King gets spooked and pulls his army back? - all seems highly unlikely given the dead do not stop. 

So in summery I do not know how this will play out. Gimme your theories. 

Living win. Lose to Golden Company. Cersei keeps throne, Bronn kills both Jaime and Tyrion.

I can’t believe they’d kill off the dead at this stage.

Were you not paying attention? The numbers don't matter, kill the NK and all the rest of them die

tiresome bran to die at the hand of the night king and then Theon to kill the night king (so realising that what is dead can never die is bollox)

Given Tecco's comments about who is directing the next 2 episodes I suspect that the battle will be fought across 3 and 4 so we won't see a resolution next week. Will be interesting to see what happens. Jon has in the past shown himself to be a crap tactical commander so wonder if he will be in charge and it turn out any different this time.

watching Ayra's first time shag felt wrong, she has been entirely sexless up to this point, not even any flirting prior to this series as I recall, so still seems like a child from that point of view (albeit a lethal one). 

I agree with serge that 'what is dead can never die' has a role to play.  I was assuming it relates to Snow.

My theory is that they will defeat the dead, losing a few top characters (i reckon sam to be the slayer of the night king, saving snow somehow).  then on to king's landing, Jaime and Hound square off against clegane - jaime gets stuck, hound finishes off mountain and brienne becomes The Queenslayer.  Bronn ends up on throne.

sooner bran dies the better - his story has been confusing and boring from the start.

Well, until a new 3-eyed raven can be trained up I think Bran has to survive, no? Unless the Night King eventually does go on to win it all.

yeah, but I don't really care about the 3-eyed raven mumbo jumbo.

If there’s no Night King do we really need the three eyed raven? I wonder if they are linked somehow. 

And yes Wellerz, I was watching thanks, and I fully anticipate the NK to keep a very low profile. Why would you risk getting your whole arm killed by putting yourself in the line of fire. The Bran trap will be a major fuck up. 

Do I need to watch Game of Thrones?

How does one watch it? It’s not on conventional telly or Netflix is it?

Jorrocks it's on sky.  it's basically Lord of the Rings with boobs and minge.

Why would you risk getting your whole arm killed by putting yourself in the line of fire.

Because there are limited episodes left and there isn't time for the living to cut their way through the dead to get to him. The trap will almost certainly work, but some major characters will die in the process of killing the NK. Bran will live unfortunately because, as they point out in the episode, if he dies so does all memory of humanity.


They are clearly setting up the crypt for a massive battle.

Naked Arya was clearly CGI’d / body doubled as her body looked weird and out of proportion 

WTF with the wolf appearing out of nowhere?

They didn’t appear to make any plans for dealing with the dead dragon

Bronn will indeed kill either or both of Jamie and Tyrion


Four episodes left. Figure at least two of them at kings landing. 

"Do I need to watch Game of Thrones?

How does one watch it? It’s not on conventional telly or Netflix is it?"

You can watch by buying a monthly Now TV entertainment pass - don't know if all the back episodes are on that though.

Why would Bronn kill them?! Tyrion made it clear that he’s double anything Cersei offered him. Doesn’t make commercial sense. 

Could they dragonglass the dead dragon and make him an uncle Benjen style zombie? Or does that only work if your not quite dead yet? 

They didn’t appear to make any plans for dealing with the dead dragon


presumably they will affix dragon glass to a similar device that wounded a dragon in the last series.

Either Jamie or Tyrion, or both, need to survive the battle so that Bronn can be in a position to have to decide whether or not to kill them.

I also wonder if some of the Trailer scenes that we are all assuming are the Stark crypts aren't actually tunnels under Kings Landing

I totally missed the reappearance of Ghost so going to have to rewatch. Really enjoyed the episode, it’s building nicely I thought. Although the Arya sex scene was all kinds of wrong. Can’t believe there’s only four episodes left ? isn’t the next one the longest one of the season?

also isn’t there a theory that Bran is the NK, what with his ability to travel through time etc?  Not sure how that would work though.

Guy every season of GoT is currently available on NowTv. I think it is the way forward as there is no minimum contract length and no need to fork out for a sky dish and box installation. Can just sign up and then cancel after the show is over. I actually use a NowTv stick as it was a freebie and easy to use, but alternatives are Roku or the app on a games console.

I wouldn’t bother rewatching Lou, Ghost wasn’t really Ghost, more like he’s skinnier smaller cousin, standing on a box to look bigger. He was only in the background when Jon was talking on the wall. So underwhelming given we’ve been waiting so long. 


I do hope the wolves have a role in the war. 

Really disappointed with the first two episodes tbh

Sam to kill the Night King is tempting but he is basically Neville Longbottom it's been done before. So surely not.

I don't get why everyone is being weird about Arya getting her end away. She has always had the hots for Gendry. She's a grown woman, albeit a short one.

As for Bran, it's always puzzled me why this bloke knows everything and no-one has bothered to sit him down and pump him for information. The answer: it would be inconvenient for the plot. Now Tyrion has done so he's clearly learnt all sorts of things which will come in handy. So him to have a few tricks up his sleeve in the episodes to come.

I dont think this ghost was CGId it was just a big huskie

 "don't get why everyone is being weird about Arya getting her end away. She has always had the hots for Gendry. She's a grown woman, albeit a short one."

Because we never saw any hint of sexual awakening - we were never encouraged to see her as anything but child, albeit a child that is nails.  So to suddenly foist a full sex scene on us makes one a bit queasy.

and isn't she supposed to be only like 13 years old?

She was 11 when they went to King's Landing in Series 1. There hasn't been that much time passing, judging by the fact that Little Sam is still a toddler.

Why is nobody considering possibility Jamie is bluffing and still in league with Cersei - with a plan to finish off whatsherface if they should happen to beat the night king? She could easily have talked him around after he stormed out in the last episode.

HBO made a point of stating that show-Arya is 18 years old.

Jamie’s redemption arc wouldn’t really fit a betrayal, but you never know of course. 

Personally I think that NK is going to bypass winterfell and head straight to Kings Landing to wight up a million more people.  Cersei may yet have a positive role to play if she detonated the wildfire caches hidden around the city to prevent that.  

There are inconsistencies but six or seven years has passed since they went to kings landing. So no, she is not 13 she is 17/18 at least.

As for having to have your hand held through evidence of a girl's sexual awakening before its not icky for her character to have sex is just a load of effing cobblers. Only highly sexualised hotties may have sex!

Watched ep 1 again the other day and Dany's first with Drogo. Now that was profoundly troubling. It's easy to forget how much given the largely positive way that relationship goes on to be portrayed.


Sorry, Sansa was 11 when they went to Kings landing. Arya is meant to be 9, and according to most analysis of the series by the uber nerds 7 years elapse from Series one to series 8. So she's 16, but she's someone we have known, like a niece, since she was child, so no, I'd really rather not watch that shit, thanks.

Teclis you taking my strategic idea from earlier in the thread.

It would make sense. As his army outnumber the Winterfell lot, he leaves a few there to lay seige and bottle them up (they are more prepared than Cersei's lot), march on South to an army which presumably is not prepared for them, wonder if Cersei has even told them whats coming, and there millions to change into the living dead and then take the Winterfell lot on later. It makes military sense, but not sure would be a good story for HBO!

The timeline jumps around but like I said HBO put out a post before the episode aired stating that the character is 18.

Amberman - yeah it’s a good thought and some decent theorycrafting has been discussed online about it too.  I don’t know, I just don’t see the NK getting ganked so early.

Also, one of Dany’s visions of the future involved her being a very heavily damaged throne room with a hole in the roof that looked suspiciously like dragon fire damage.  There was also snow falling, could be literal or could be metaphorical for Jon snur.

I found the episode very satisfying despite it being just a rolling resolution fest - my sense is that everyone who got the respect/forgiveness they were seeking is flagged for death in episode 3 so that's Brienne, Jorah, GreyWorm/Mel, Theon at least. 

I particularly enjoyed Tormund chugging his ale down his front after his GiantsBane story - that was comedy awkwardness worthy of the office. And I like what they are trying to do with Arya/Gendry - that she might have got back to some form of normality if circumstances were different - she seemed weirdly struck by Gendry having some royal blood as well as big arms.

if anything it was Jon who was acting like a kid not Arya with all his surly eyes down "yer Grace"s when Dany had done nothing wrong. 

i like the idea of the Night King attacking from the crypt having used ancient tunnels - does he know what brann knows? To Tecco's point it was noticeable that the NK wasn't in shot at the end of Ep2 but I expect he is after Brann. I also suspect Jon will stuff up another battle and Dany will have to take over to save the day.

She was 9 in the books, in the series she was 11. (She said so). But you keep making stuff up to defend your patriarchal tendencies. I expect you're the sort of bloke who high fives his son when he gets a girlfriend and behaves like an effing weirdo when his daughter gets a boyfriend.

+1 for the Night King not snuffing it yet. Surely he’s cruising around on his dragon somewhere, he’s not going to risk it getting speared at Winterfell when he has enough numbers to take them out without him being there. 

I think Fonders might have it. Run of the mill white walkers turn up on dead horses. When you are the king you rock up on the zombie dragon and that is why he wasn't in shot at the end of the episode. He's probably at the back resting the dragon and eating a magnum until the fighting starts.

she's someone we have known,

You can't "know" a fictional character. 

Its not about how old Arya is, it is about wanting to see somebody we have known since the age of 11 suddenly having sex in front of us - it just feels wrong.  

I find the double standard a bit odd.  People don’t care about her murdering people, cutting their faces off, feeding someone their own children in a pie and poisoning an entire family, but they get creeped out by her as an adult woman having sex.  Um ok then.

No, we get creeped out by watching it.  Being creeped out doesn't claim to be a rational response, it is just a feeling of uncomfortableness.

Well quite but that's not the only double standard. How many other kids have we seen grow up and then have a sex scene in GoT without any complaint? It's quite funny watching them accepting their feelings as valid without question and then floundering around trying to rationalise it.

If you ask me the most paedo bit was Margaery and Tommen.  

Like who? Sansa? plenty of complaints there. Dany was young in the books but in series one she was played by a fully adult actor. Tommen did have a sex scene. neither did Geofrey, apart from having the two prostitutes assault each other.

Arya was the first and only child actor in the series to get their kit off, and it seemed gratuitous.


blindtom, hehe.

There is a ice cream van at the back of the army of the dead. I suspect the Night King is more a Calipo man.

Tommen didn't have sex scene did he? If he did and I missed then fair dues, but He didn't get his schlong your like some of the others.

"Child actor"? The character is clearly said to be 18 and Maisie Williams is 22.

Tommen had several scenes including at least two post coital discussions.  It was well creepy.  

Amberman a magnum was just the first thing that came to mind. Not a big calipo man myself. Maybe some manner of Ben and Jerrys is in order.

Supes how is her being 14 at the start a point. Does this mean anyone in a long running show who was under 18 when they started can't progress?

and she's clearly said to be 18 by HBO just before they direct her to get her tits out. They obviously learned their lesson from Dany/Drogo and Sansa/Ramsey.

blindtom she WAS a child actor that is the point.  It is not wrong as in morally wrong, it is wrong as in it made some people feel uncomfortable because we still think of her as a child.

It means that it is creepy watching them take their clothes off and have sex.

It's creepy and awkward watching anyone have sex on screen.  It was so obviously a body double who cares.  Oh, internet bellends...