This G4S Driver

How on earth did he think he'd get away with just parking up and lifting £1m from the back of the van?

Also the vans are meant to have trackers so how did it take 8 hours for someone to realise something was up?

V. embarrassing for G4S.  And their insurance premia will rise.  

Presumably, it was in locked cartridges / canisters and so he won't actually have the loot, just boxes he cannot open.  

I imagine most G4S security is just theatre. The vans might have trackers but that doesn't mean anyone is monitoring them

yeah but the money (and he) will be covered in fluorescent purple ink if he tries to force the boxes open

I believe they've only found £100k so quite possible others were involved but if you're the inside guy you really should get a bit of a beating to make it look like you were robbed.

DPW I assume someone who works for the company might understand how to open the boxes without setting off the dye.

Strange as well that he didn't have a partner in the van as thought it was normal to have two crew in the van.