Friday WFH club

Anyone else watch the golf?

Caught a bit of it yest when I was WFH. Lolz at Rory

Tommy Fleetwood playing some lovely golf.

Koepka still in the hunt

Koepka's stats across the majors for the last 2 years are ridiculous. Something like 37 strokes ahead of the next best person.

My bets pre tournament were:

Stenson @ 35s ew

Oosthuizen @ 45s ew

Poulter @ 70s ew

Fleetwood @ 30s ew 

Koepka @ 10s to win

Poulter has had a complete mare

Why would you spend your WFH day doing something that is more boring than W?

I worry for the mental health of people who don't enjoy watching golf

Why would you enjoy watching people spoil a good walk?

As ever, I love you very much Anna. And I want you to run away with me have have lots of clever, funny babies.

And you can gradually become a conservative (but the good sort, not the Rees Smeg sort).


That's a lovely proposal Strutter, but I fear we are simply too incompatible. I'll be waiting for you when you eventually defect to the Lib Dems.


Kids have finished school 

currently relaxed watching one of them getting a haircut 

Ryder cup is the limit of my interest 


one question though , how can one sport generate such a massive amount of awful awful fashion?


I am WFH but not watching the golf because I am not a boring twat.

I'm also recovering from all the shenanigans yesterday that ensued following the boy's return. And prior to him coming back from work in a few hours :)

Shenanigans ensued before he gets home? Warming up before strenuous exercise is important tbf

No, he came back yesterday. And he went to work this morning and is coming back after.

Ah, just re-read what you wrote and that makes sense.