The Friday Wang Challenge
Wang's Upon a Time 11 Jan 19 14:21
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Today I take inspiration from roffer du temps perdu The Skiver, who used to run a blog called "you called your kid WHAT?".

Further inspiration was taken from a thread yesterday but I forget which thread.

The task is simple - posters must post a harmless name of a child born to them or their acquaintances.

Other posters must link the name to a serial killer, murderer or connection to the same (ie victim, pathologist etc.)

I will award 5 points for a serial killer, 3 for a murderer and 2 for connected.

as ever, the judge's decision is final and tb announced at 5.

I will start you off: 


Wang, totes not as funny as you used to be.

Barmaid I massively wanted to fuck recently disclosed her name as Megan.  Also the name of my goddaughter.  Absolutely ruined that particular masturbation fantasy. 

he said he wanted to and then found himself unable to wank

He has surely been responsible for serially murdering songs by getting wazzocks on reality TV to cover them with super-warbly voices.

anyone know what the fuck is going on?

wang, get a grip

Can I have the points for Oscar, since Pistorius wasn't a valid answer?

It was an incorrect answer, Goose.

Ref's a wanker.

or in the alternative, Prince Albert aka Jack the Ripper

I cannot give speer or einstein and prince albert is a stretch


but de salvo is the full whammy


next: david

err how is a nazi not a full on murdere


anway, David Koresh

Actually, not sure he killed anyone did he?

Son of Sam was called David wasn't  he?

I was full on expecting a my m8 Dave story at this juncture, Ronnie Corbett style from Wang.

one of my favourite films is Spike Lee's Summer of Sam.

David Berkovitz I think points to goose again

next, lizzie

Because David Berkovitz was the Son of Sam killer


famously caught by jack rea her in a lee  hild story

stix -points for mary bell and an extra 5 for settling a text conversation 



I will have to check these in about 20 mins as going on a call.  pls ref which first name 


next round



This is the worst Wang challenge I’ve ever witnessed. 

And I remember the ‘how much Tabasco can you pour down your jap’s eye’ challenge 

Twiglets winning wang's world cup of crisps was less farcical than this.

Ok, Barnaby


(Another point if you can find the only connection I did for this)