A Friday Music Thread - Soundtracks

Currently listening to Hans Zimmer radio on Spotify and it is quite possibly the most perfect music for working. No lyrics to distract but lots of drive to power through boring bits of drafting.

Hit me up with some good soundtracks

The Piano - Michael Nyman

Raise the red lantern - Zhao Jiping

I've got the Piano, will check out Zhao Ji Ping

Liking the Alexandre Desplat work as well, particularly The Imitation Game

Interstellar is the best!

Especially the Cornfield Chase. 

Inception also ace.

Do you mean Blade Runner 2049 or the original Vangelis soundtrack? (both are good, though different)

I also like what Junkie XL does (his youtube channel is hugely interesting and impressive) but it's not easy listening. He did mad max.

Oh and Eden. Check out Eden. It's a nostalgia trip back to your clubbing days!