Friday drinks

Anyone fancy a beer in the sun round Waterloo way?

Once again a splendid notion, but I fear that I am promised to another. Can you ever forgive me?

I have to be somewhere at 7 but could have a swift one.

Blind dates with women I have not been properly introduced to,  have never been my thing 

Possibly about. Have a jury out so will see what time I finish. What time were you thinking?

Ooh, positive replies!!

 I’m hoping to escape here at 5, so could be at Waterloo before 5.30...

If I am coming which may or may not be as I have a huge amount of crap with me, it will definitely be later than 5ish I am afraid.  I will message if I end up coming over to see if you are still there.

They don't really happen anymore do they, for various reasons. Certainly not on the scale of ten years ago

They do when they are planned in advance.  I was just chancing my arm.

And 10 years ago didn't you and your wife just go to Christmas drinks and that was it? 

I went to them on my own plenty of times Stix, as you may remember

Not so much anymore.

I have managed to sunburn both of my kneez.  about a 2 inch stripe of red soreness just above each patella.  i spent fucking ages suncreaming the kids too.  stupid celestial wankbadger.