Friday breakfast

Do you push the boat out?


Me? yes sausage sandwich from the local cafe with lots of brown sauce

Yep. Porridge with blueberries and a spinach and kale and tomato four egg omelette, with a big coffee. Protein shake at 10.30.

pret used to do quite nice dinky little breakfast baguette with scrambled egg and salmon or bacon - do they still do these?

It was the shop next to the meeting I was going to so not apologising

Yes they do salmon egg mini baguette things 


I've been awake since 3.14 am.


The insomnia is back. 

Possibly it was a bad idea to eat an entire bag of fruit pastilles between 9 and 10pm while Shooty Jnr was playing volleyball. Not used to that much sugar.

Anyway, breakfast was toast and marmite.