freshfields -NQs

how many hours do you reckon they work a week?  on average

The thing is, the billables will not be dissimilar to somewhere like a Ashurst etc., so those firms will be losing NQs to the MC purely on dolla. 

Do we reckon the pay rise means they now have to pay for their own lube?

FF have not done this to fend off asshurts, it's to fend off the US big fellas like K&E or Latham (both of which pay somewhat substantially north of 100 to their 24 year olds as I understand it...)

Yes, it's against the US firms.  But a 24 year old does not merit anything like £100k, no matter how well-regarded the firm employing them.  Until you're 5 years pqe, basically you're a CP and ancillary docs gimp.

But the US firms will give you a proper ass-reaming and no mistake. At least FF will treat you right.

I.e. apply the TCP and aloe vera after the colossal ass-reaming.

Yeah FF will offer you a choice of lube flavours before they ream you.  

That the meme espoused by Badders at 1429 still persists is a testament to MC marketing/propaganda.  Badders you've been reamed harder than most lawyers I have ever met.

I reckon on average 45 hours billable and a further 5 hours non-billable per week, plus say an hour faffing it’s basically 11-hour days

in peaks and troughs

You will not work any harder /longer at a Sidley, Latham or KE than one does at FF or similar . There are afterall only 24 hours now a day . 

These US firms do more premium paying work and often bill in 15/20 minute units , which obviously makes a huge difference.

close friend left CC to work at Debevoise and works considerably less hours 

I don't think I'd feel right from an ethical point of view spending two minutes dealing with a short e-mail and billing a client for 20 minutes.  It feels bad enough rounding it up to six minutes.

You have a worrying case of conscience there, Sailers.


Reminds me of the tale told too gleefully by one of my ex-colleagues. Tale of a bloke who used to come in at 7:30, call 6 active clients leaving a voicemail to check in on the deal and then leave by 7:45 to get breakfast knowing he’d already bagged 1.5 billables. Plus at least another 1.5 when he got called back.