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PerfidiousPorpoise 11 Jan 19 23:55
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Excellent documentary about a guy who wants to climb El Capitan in Yosemite with his bare hands (no rope). And I think you need to see it on the big screen to get the full vertiginous feel of some of the shots. What I didn't realize is how choreographed each move is in some of the more treacherous parts--"these two fingers go here as my left foot pivot on this little indentation ..."

is this the one about Alex Honnold? The worlds most famous free solo climber?


i remember some interview with him where someone asks how he takes a shit during a climb and he said he pretty much just pulls down his shorts while hanging on and lets go

You’d enjoy the Banff Mountain film festival.

We go every year to the mountain and the ocean ones. It’s mind blowing what some people get up to....


Alex Honnold is an absolute superhero.

ive got to imagine that he would have climbed a route on belay a few times before attempting a free solo.

i saw a film of his free solo of Half Dome at the Banff FF and it was utterly terrifying.


I can't walk to the edge of a balcony with a glass balustrade so credit to any lunatic who can climb a 1,000ft rock face knowing that one slip is certain death.

For the first, and almost definitely last, time ever 

What Sails said.

Jimmy Chin is my idol. I would totally consider turning for him.